Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365 - Week 2

Today I'm linking up again with Sara for another week of Project 365.


After taking the family to see Old Dogs, it was time to take down the outdoor decorations.  You know, before the good ol' HOA sends a letter if anything interpreted as Christmas decorations still remains in February.  ;)


I'm a little behind, so I spent a large part of my day editing pictures from the past 2 months to burn on DVD.  {When you've lost thousands of pictures on a hard drive, that were not backed up, you tend to be a lil' more disciplined about it. Lesson learned.}  Many of these pix were from our first attempt at a Christmas card, but none of them made the cut because... Well, most of them turned out like this one... AND we were on a race against time with the sun.


I started taking down our interior Christmas decor, nearly forgetting about Gracie's dance lesson.  After dance, us gals met DK for dinner before he had to head back to work.


I finished taking down Christmas decorations.  Can I get a Java-lujah?!  For some reason, I was more than ready to pack them away this year.  I just dread hauling it all in the attic by myself... .. 98 trips up the attic ladder.  Not really, but close.  ;)   This year, I think I'll let DK help with getting our two trees up there. I'm sweet like that. :)  Of course, we'd have to wait till he gets home from out of town.  {Sigh} 


While Daddy is out of town, we have a girls' cuddle night with Mommy.  I awoke to two lil' girls reading by book-light.  Gotta love a lazy morning filled with pancakes... and the picture quality of a cell pic.  ;)


Gracie makes use of all the free space opened up by the absence of Christmas decor.  She sets up a tea party with Bella on our 1/2 wall.  Bella gladly takes her sips as to not disappoint her host.  Psh! Who am I kidding?  Does Bella care what anyone thinks of her? Ha!  The girls think our usual decor doesn't need to come back out.  I'm considering it. I mean, who am I to deprive them of an open area to exercise their imaginations?


Granny bought this church cookbook for me and DK picked it up while he was out of town this week.  Sweet all the way around, yes? ;)  Churches make the tastiest books.  This would also happen to be the day that I start my yeast cleanse diet. {Which basically means I can't eat anything!  Ugh!  Hopefully it will be worth it in the end.} Oh well, this book has sentimental value.  It was written in memory of a former pastor's wife DK and I served with years ago.

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  1. looking at people taking down Christmas makes me so glad I already did....this year I was ready too.

    love this family picture...your girls just crack me up!

    and the picture of the girls reading in bed.....perfect.

    your cat looks like she is on a throne pillow waiting to be served! ha!

    good luck with your cleanse. I have never been brave enough..ok, disciplined enough to do one of those!!

  2. I love this idea!! I think I'll start this week. It'll be neat to look back at all these crazy pictures.

  3. Dropping by from Sara's "Project." Nice to "meet" you. :) Love your wreath and your family is too cute!

  4. once again, fabulous pictures!! i love the red vase in your christmas picture. red is my FAV.OR.ITE!

  5. such good the reading in the dark shot...and kitty shot--she's not spoiled, is she?? :)
    enjoyed seeing your week...i'm taking my Christmas down tomorrow

  6. The wreath on your front door is so pretty and I love the photo of the girls reading with their booklights. So cute.

  7. love that family picture! the girls are too cute.

    how was old dogs? is it worth going to see?

    we take down our decorations the day after Christmas. lol

  8. those pics are great! And that cookbook is beautiful. Very un-church cookbook looking :)

  9. Very nice. I love the collage concept of images. The tea party, very cute!

  10. I love your Christmas wreath... and do you live in a cabin? I see the background of your "could of been" Christmas picture and it looks like a cabin... I would so love to live in one ... one day, Lord willing I will.. one day!


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