Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can't get enough of your love, Baby

Most days, Daddy's job does not require him to wear his
steel-toed boots and hard hat.
We guess you could say that he 'wears' many hats.
That's just how he rolls...
Don't let the expression fool you.
He likes his job.
He is just not excited about Mommy taking so many
pix with her cell phone.

Looks like bring-your-family-to-work-day.
Dad needed work on his vehicle,
so we chauffeured him in the 'mom-wagon'...
as Mommy calls it.
We ended up staying with him
until his car was ready.
We just can't get enough of each other. ;)
Give us some internet, and we're good to go.
(As A-Nator says, "Technology is the new toy.")

Like Father, Like Daughter...

Jasmine enjoyed it too. She would be perfectly content
to curl up under Daddy's desk while he worked.

Mom got to browse (kid-free) through the homeschool store.
She bought this book for $6.
Mommy can't believe she now has a 4th grader!
She always tells us to stay little a little longer or...
to stop growing up so quickly.

Daddy is also in charge of printing a newsletter for many churches.
This night, we surprised him with a Smoothie King.
While Mommy helped Daddy, he brought out a craft for us to enjoy.
We love our Daddy!

Mommy and Daddy love their girls, too...


  1. love the pictures!!!

    our kids grow up so fast!!!

  2. What a sweet post! Your hubby is very loved by you and your girls! That's so awesome! :)


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