Sunday, July 26, 2009


Happy Birthday, dear friend!!

Gracie & her best friend.

The birthday girl's grandson jumpin' high! Isn't he cute?!

A-Nator & a sweet friend enjoying the longest rope swing
I've ever seen in my life!

The birthday girl and her son.
...So cute together!

The birthday girl's husband.
AKA, my 'brutha'. ;)

I love my sistas!

Birthday girl & her sisters.
Well, minus me, of course.
I adopted myself into their family.
That's legal, right?
Our sister to the right hosted this wonderful party.
Lovely family & home!

Getting a picture with the birthday girl and our mom.
Well, we all know that I'm the favorite. ;)

DK with another dear friend.
(You see, they were in deep discussion and
DK thought he would smile for the next picture.
I didn't snap another one. Thus the 'no-smile'.
He really is a happy guy! ;)

Time to bring our treasures before the birthday queen!

May all of your wishes come true, sweet friend!

Lovely ladies!
(Of course, this is after my signature 'boo-tay'
pinch of the person standing next to me!

Didn't expect that now, did you?)


  1. How fun! Looks like a great time!

  2. Can you join us for our photo challenge next week?


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