Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Show us the Money

Ilove really like the Biggest Loser workout videos, but I need a break… something different. I get bored… and my muscles are as bulky as they are going to get using them! Joke.

So, I'm back at the gym... or "meat market" as my hubby calls it sometimes. I missed the challenge of keeping up with the iPod on the elliptical, changing the speed and resistance to confuse my metabolism. I chuckle at what others must think as I swing my arms as if I were running on the treadmill. After my chiropractor strongly recommended that I stop running (wipe tear), I learned that I could do the same thing on this handy machine with less long-term wear on the ol’ joints.

You see, I need to keep up with my hubby. He’s in a contest right now with many of his co-workers... Biggest Loser style! Whoever loses the highest % wins $300! Exciting… and motivating, huh? If he is not the biggest loser, we have to cough up $50. Not exciting.

The best part about it? It was his idea. I know, I’m proud of him too. The very next morning after making this financial gamble commitment, he was at the gym. He weighed himself in and has determined to make better food choices as well. Needless to say, Weight Watchers has faded away. It’s not that we can’t formulate a needed ‘life-style change’ within WW, it’s simply that we do not like keeping a tally of points. I’m too lazy to count ‘points’. I prefer not to count everything I eat.

I do better knowing which foods to eat that will keep my blood sugar level. It’s all about the glycemic index as well as different food combinations. A rise in insulin is not good for Mama’s hips entire mid-section.

Tune in to see hubby's progress... GO, BAY, GO!!

Oh, and if you see a determined lady jammin' to the tunes in her iPod on the elliptical, swinging those arms away... Well, it very well may be the only time I've listened to any music these days. Please don't be offended if I don't wave back.

It's only because it could throw Mama's rhythm off and Mama will go *splat* on the floor! Chiropractor would frown on that too, I'm sure.


  1. Good for you guys. It seems that everyone is trying to be a better person lately. Keep up the jammin'. We'll all be sexy mommas if we keep this up til Christmas.

  2. I hate Weight Watchers. The counting points thing is a total turn-off.

    I'm not supposed to be running either, due to a previous knee surgery and deteriorating knee. Oh well. A girl's gotta do something. I run about 3 days a week and do a DVD 2 days. The other days are resting.

  3. Wow, I'm very proud of y'all! I too cannot run due to injuries from an auto accident 6 years ago, but I did buy an elliptical and it is low impact and I love it. It does hurt my hip and damaged disc in my back, but I am able to do it. You keep it up girl!

    Now I would like to ask you for prayer for my son.....he is going into the marines. Being a mom of course I am proud of him for wanting to fight for his country, but I am also terrified! Please pray the he will make the right decision as to what job he will go for. He will have to make a decision by Friday before they sware him in. It seems to be going pretty fast, which freaks me out. I just pray that this will be the best thing for him like all marines say and that he will stay safe! Trying to trust that Jesus will take care of him.


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