Friday, April 10, 2009

Excuse me Lord, May I start this day over again?

I remember my girls (even at their young age) each having days when they told me they wished they could start the day over again. Those moments usually followed a wrong choice they had made and they just wanted it to just go away. I know that feeling {very} well myself. Maybe I just put too much pressure on myself to be Superwoman? Always searching for the better part of me... yet feeling like I fall short most days.
Did I...
  1. Sing the Mom Song too high pitched because I was stressed about my to-do list, said it a million times already, money or just plain ol' tired.

  2. Encourage my husband and girls enough today or tear them down in any way?

  3. Play referee well enough today or leave one of my girls feeling as though Mom just didn't care about their case?

  4. Remember to have enough fun today?

  5. Say, "Not now, but I will do that with you later", yet later never came?

  6. Set the example of giving to others today while showing the importance of taking care of yourself?

  7. Remind my girls that mistakes will happen and are a part of life, but stress the importance of how we respond to them?

  8. Not only tell my family I love them, but show them I love them?

  9. Journal enough so that my girls will have enough to trigger fond memories of their childhood?

  10. Say the right thing to give my children a better understanding of who God is and the love He has for them?

Wow. I'm amazed how quickly that short list came to my fingertips. Thankfully, due to the love, mercy and forgiveness of God, we can start our day over again. We all fail. Hopefully, if I've responded well enough to my mistakes {and just plain ol' life}, it will encourage focus of the re-action instead of the action. I'm praying that those are the memories my girls have of their mom.

Lord, let my responses be pleasing to you and not reasons my girls want to phone a therapist! Thankfully, it gives me hope when they still tell me, "Mom, when I grow up I want to be just like you." I always ask them if they will still tell me that when they're older. Can I have it in writing, please?! No pressure.

Here are some of the recent memories I choose to focus on today in hope that my family will remember them too...


Fun in schoolwork.

Child's play.

Giving to others. The girls are running a 1K to help benefit a family in need.

Smelling the flowers... and planting them with Mama too.




And (for today anyway) last but not least... spontaneous moments captured with the cell phone while on the go. Of course, that would explain the picture quality.

Sendin' some love.
Spending some time with Granny.

Havin' some fun in the store...

...dollar store, that is. We're not picky where we choose to have fun.

Making all sorts of things with play-doh at a restaurant.

Traveling with Princess Jasmine. She's such a great traveler! AND the dog has bling!! That, or she is protecting her Gracie with her laser eyes?

If you made it to the end of this blog, make it a great day! Feel free to start your day over at any time needed. Smell the flowers, chillax (is that a word?), look for the bling in life and sing it out loud... "I'm a Superwoman!"


  1. Oh, that list... produced a little guilt. Or, maybe it was conviction... ??

    Great pics! Love the dog's glowing eyes!

  2. Great list! I especially don't want to fall short with my kids! Love the pictures and how in the world did you get Jasmine's eyes to glow like that? Did you photo shop the pic? Anyway, thanks for sharing from the heart today. :)

  3. I love the dollar store glasses. That is like my fav store ever. I have many days I wish I could start over and have more time to just chill out and have fun.

  4. Thank you for your sweet comment that you left on my blog. You're right, I am blessed with great family and I really miss those times when we were able to be together more often, when my kids were young.

  5. just stepped on ALL of my toes with this one! I'm right there with you - it's too easy to come up with a list of my own that sounds just like that. (Saying, "Not now, I'll do it with you later?" So. guilty.).

    Thank God His mercies are new EVERY morning.

  6. Oh can I relate to wanting to just start the day over. Loved all your pics...focussing on the most important things.

  7. I ask myself similar questions every day and tell myself to "chill out" and "slow down." Glad we can start over every day.

  8. Way to focus on the positive. So glad you are in again for Phase 2 of the 30 x 5!


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