Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter... in an 'Egg'shell

A Weekend of Family & Fun...
We started at an outdoor theatre for...
Beauty & the Beast.
The girls loved it! There were so many people there!
To put it in A-Nator's words,
"It's like a kid-o-lanche!"
Since the girls already decorated eggs at their scout meeting, they painted canvasses instead! They made H-Mama some crosses to add to the collection in the living room and another canvass for their rooms. They had so much fun being creative.

Here's A-Nator's finished product.

Here's Gracie's finished product.
Notice she drew a bunny praying at the foot of the cross.
Tissue please??

A-Nator obviously wanted "H-Mama" to post this on her blog. ;)

"Lupper" time...
Sweet Daddy.

Luv from my girls. Simply the best.
Don't let my smile fool you though.
H-Mama had body aches and a horrible sore throat!
No 30x5 for a few days! ugh...

It didn't rain on our parade...
We hunted eggs... indoor!
The girls were just as excited.

We ended the weekend with some great family games. This is one of our favorites right now. Apples to Apples Jr. Our girls also like "Sorry" and Mario Kart. Okay... Mom & Dad like it too.After tucking the girls in for the night, DK and I watched Slumdog Millionaire. Wow.


  1. I love the pictures on canvas, that bunny praying was too cute. The video cracked me up, your daughter did an amazing job with the story of Easter. Glad ya'll had a great Easter weekend.

  2. I am so glad that you guys went and liked it! Oh and very glad to have a "real person" slumdog millionaire review, I have been wanting to see it.

  3. What a great time! I'm waiting on Slumdog to come in the mail. Can't wait.

  4. What did you think of the movie? I'm wanting to watch it.

    Love all your pictures! Sorry you weren't feeling well...hope you are doing better now.

  5. Thanks! :) DK traveled throughout the region of Kolkata & Bangladesh, so he was filling me in on how realistic the culture was represented in the movie. So that, combined with the story (which was a little intense at times) made it a good movie. I'm just thankful that this particular story was not true... rough life. We have been so blessed in America. Really.

  6. That video is awesome! You all are training her up right - she definitely has her story right! :) You can just tell from these pics that you all love being together.

    I'm glad to know that Slumdog MIllionaire was good - that's next on our list!

  7. Great photos - looks like you had a fabulous Easter!

  8. Love that they painted! Such a cute idea!


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