Friday, August 31, 2012

once in a blue moon conversations

in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, there are many conversations that need documenting... for future reference.  this is one.


me: oh, we almost forgot to take a peek at the blue moon!
nator:  let me get my shoes!
me:  graaaaaaacieeeeee!  
gracie: {just getting settled in her loft bed}  yeeeees?
me:  come here.

{insert jeopardy music as nator and mom wait for gracie to climb down mt. everest}

gracie: {singing -with a cheesy grin- as she comes out of her room}  what do you want from me?  what do you want from me?
me:  how appropriate.
gracie:  what did y'all want?
nator and mama:  let's go look at the blue moon.
gracie:  oh.

me:  i'm sure it's not blue.  it's an expression used because we are having a full moon twice this month.

{walks outside the front door}

gracie:  it's not blue. 
me:  but it's a full moon.
nator:  it's so pretty.  i'm sure neil armstrong is enjoying it from somewhere up there.
me:  i bet you're right.

{clearly impressed, gracie walks back indoors, while mom and nator enjoy the glow of the moonlight a little longer}

nator:  i learned on brainpop that the next one will be in three years.
me:  and that will put you at how old?
{mom cringes and might be sporting a frowny face}
nator:  fifteen.
{we console each other embrace in a big hug, then slowly make our way indoors}
nator:  but i'll still love you.  i might just have a little attitude.
me:  {laughs to keep from crying} let's hope not.

i mean... attitudes in this sweet girlie only come once in a blue moon.  let's not mess with that statistic.


  1. Wasn't it beautiful? Love your conversations. :) Keilee and I talked about the same thing..the next one and she will be 15 too. WAH!!! Love what Nator said about Neil Armstrong.

  2. How awesome that you documented this!

  3. Aw - I love it - at least she's honest :) I had a LOT of attitude (although it was just being sassy - I never did anything really bad). On the other hand, I think I was born with sassieness :)

  4. The moon was beautiful. Love the pic of the girls. They are growing so fast, looking more like young ladies with each post. :)

  5. Love IT!!!! And I love that photo of the did good!:)

  6. Ohh...nice. I'm happy to report that my 14 year old still loves me and only has blue moonish sorts of attitude apperance. Of course, we're still shy of 15, but only by a few months, so I don't think it'll change very much. It can happen and if it'll happen for anyone, it'll be you and Nator. :)

  7. Oh, I cringe too when I ask them to do math and it takes a minute or two!! I find myself thinking about college way too often lately...if they could only stay little!

  8. cute! :) yes... I know... girls. :)

  9. Haven't heard from you in a while...hope that all is well with you and your beautiful bunch and that you are just busy with life. :)

    1. thanks, blondee! we are well, just seemingly too busy to sit at the computer to put cohesive thoughts together. ha! hope you are doing well, too. hugs!


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