Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 2012 ~ week 33 {behind the scenes and sentiment}

the blog, according to instagram.
sometimes, there are simply things you just don't want to forget.  so you add them to the blog, too. ;)

gracie and hubs sporting their support for
the who-dat nation's first {pre-season} game.
they won.


theater mayhem. 
you know.
just another day.


girls night at chili's.
silly photo-bomb girl in the back.


ready for another willy wonka performance as oompa loopas.


before heading to theater, a 12 yo needs breakfast and...
a lil' fetch with ruff ruffman.
via ipod.

and to think...
back in my day, we had to walk all the way to the tv to change the channel.  that familiar sound of clunk, clunk, clunk, *static*, clunk....  anyone relate?


before they finish performing one show,
they're working on the next script.
{all on their own, folks.}


when the girls have an extra practice,
mom and dad might hit up a favorite mexican spot.


treasures found on our pillows.
by a certain 10 yo.
heart-melting, i tell you.


eggs and ketchup.
personally, this creates instant nausea.
however, gracie wanted to try it.
i'm kinda glad she didn't fall in love with it.


things have been unsettling in the family arena.
actually, it's been that way most of my life.
apparently, age does not dictate maturity.
that's about all i can say about that.
other than the fact that other people's immaturity ages me,
at times.
i just deal with it the best way i know how...
for sanity's sake.


do you instagram?  
find me there.
my name is hmama.
i know.
you'd never have guessed. ;)


  1. Ketchup. My husband dumps ketchup on everything...eggs, meatloaf, pot roast....you name it. Scrambled, fried, does not matter. He does not even taste the food first! Be glad. Be very glad.

  2. Sometimes, if the ketchup from my hash browns wanders into an egg I'll eat it, but it's not what comes to mind when I think of eggs :)

    I remember changing channels - of course we only had two channels (or three on a clear night - ha!).

  3. My dad eats ketchup in eggs. I personally gag at the consistency of eggs, they have to have lots of other stuff mixed in like veggies and cheese for me to eat them at all.

    I can relate to the static tv...and the family drama, unfortunately. I am here if you want to talk.

  4. My brother always ate ketchup on eggs. YUCK! Love all the fun girly girl pics and so sorry about the family drama. We all have that at times I think.

  5. Oh, I love scrambled eggs covered in cheese and ketchup! lol

    Lovely photos as always, the girls get more lovely and grown up every day. :)


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