Wednesday, June 20, 2012


family helped us celebrate our sound of music actresses with a 'surprise' visit to watch their performance.


we celebrated at nator's piano recital - a high score on her music guild results, rewarded with a trophy.


and hugs.


the girls and i took a moment to capture the space shuttle... floating on water. that's cause for celebration, yes?  i mean... how many times in one's life will you see a space shuttle on water? 

we won't mention how texas was jilted with a pretend shuttle... or the crazy traffic this attracted.  nope.  won't mention it at all. 


the girls and i celebrated with a lil' shopping.
great prices on two cute dresses found at marshalls and ross. 

DSC_0578copy order to celebrate their annual daddy-daughter dance in style!


i have to confess.  
they came back with some pretty jazzy mementos. yes?

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we celebrated when the city pool opened.  
water-slides are the bomb dot com.


what are you celebrating?


  1. We celebrated daughter1's birthday and our 28th wedding anniversary this month.

    Sweet pictures as always!

  2. Looks like lots of fun things to celebrate. I will be celebrating my hubby being home for the weekend. :)

  3. Great things to celebrate!

    We're celebrating visiting family, recovering from colds and lots of flying through the air (thanks to trampolines and trapezes).

  4. their dresses are always so cute! :) and the swim pics look fun. we've been doing a lot of that here lately!


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