Sunday, March 11, 2012

march~week 10/366 {ships-twin friends-juicer}

this week started with a road trip, as we made our way to visit the nina and pinta.  the most historically accurate columbus replica ships ever built.


we caught an artist painting an amazing picture of this floating treasure.

the nina was built completely by hand, in brazil.  later, the pinta was built a bit larger to scale to accompany the nina on her travels.

the boat hanging below is a miniature. {not the ship's boat built by the 14 yo apprentice.}


it really made me stand in awe of just how insane brave these explorers really were; sailing across the ocean, in boats such as these.  the size of the ship.  making room for people, animals, and supplies.  

these ships are always recruiting new shipmates, but i declined.  with a minimal 3 week commitment, my family would have missed me, i'm sure.  besides, mama needs more personal space. ;)

silly gracie gets creative with a post-haircut strand of hair - side bangs, mustache, uni-brow, and even chest hair.  too funny!

piano lessons. jazzy hunts for squirrel through the window.  ruff life.  sorry.  couldn't help myself.

we received unexpected, exciting news. the girls will be playing lead roles in the upcoming theater production.  i will forever kick myself for not filming their reaction.  tears of joy.

fun with friends.  twin-friends. although the kids do most of the playing... why does it tire me, too?  hmmmm...  after company leaves, we all fall into a post-sleepover slump.  under the weather. 

the new rule... if anyone from friend's family is ill, they cannot sleep over. ha!

soup, rest {beau is great at that, when he's not pouncing on anything that moves}, vitamins.


gracie was determined to feel better for her hip-hop class.  nator patiently waits for gracie to finish dance lesson. 

toward week's end, our homeschool included beakmans' world.  like i said... mama needed rest, too. ;)

the juicer arrived.  hubs turned into the juice master this weekend.  he is much better at drinking veggies.  i get the drink down, but it is not as appetizing as simply eating veggies, imho.  i'm on the hunt for palatable juice combinations that only include a lil' apple to sweeten... gotta watch the fat-inducing-insulin spikes, you know.

oh... and last but not least, nator.  reading national geographic kids.  our lil' spider-monkey, as her uncle affectionately nick-named her when born.  just so happened to look back and catch this chimpanzee face over hers.  funny, eh? ;)


  1. Tell the girls congrats from me on their lead roles. That's really exciting!

    We've been talking about a juicer for a while, but haven't done anything except talk. If you find good recipes, please share!!

  2. We visited the ships when they were here in Oklahoma. Very cool!

  3. What an incredible field trip! LOVE IT!

    The juicer sounds fun, but I don't like V8, so I'm not sure how yummy drinking my veggies would be. ;)

  4. I have the same "sick family member" rule also. My kids hate it, but too bad. Germs make me nervous, so I ain't taking any chances. :)

  5. Looks like a great road trip--and you always crack me up!! I can't wait until we can meet in real life!!

    I wish I knew how to cook okra.

    I am with you on the sugar/apple juice/insulin spikes. I've been really watching sugar content in food, it makes my stomach burn and I mistake that for hunger!

    Love the hair play and chimpanzee picture! You all always seem to be having so much fun!

  6. Love the Nator face - too funny :) I wanna see the boats! I'll have to make a plan...


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