Monday, March 12, 2012

{american girl} money saver

if you have girls, you've probably heard of american girl.  right?

who knew our house would be invaded with these timeless dolls?
we love them.  especially the historical fiction books accompanying them.

but they are expensive.
let's be real.

our girls only have as many as they do because they dream of which one they want for their birthday and christmas all year. two dolls a year adds up, year after year.  for birthdays, they get to pick - big gift or big party?  american girl doll and inviting a special friend for a day wins each time.  it's a win-win... you get to spend the most time with a closer friend.

i digress... oh, yes.  even the accessories are pricey.

so in an effort to save money.  you know, after we bought kits: doll travel, doll party, doll school... some of the do-it-yourself collection,  we figured out how to occasionally dress these dolls for less.  finally.

other than crocheting them hats and scarves to match our own, of course. ;)


are you ready to learn how we gave this doll such a posh dress for no extra cost and very little effort {huge bonus points in mom's book!}?

brace yourself.  

wait.  let's see if you can figure it out...


yep.  leggings.  well, one leg, that is.

just cut a one-inch slit on either side for arms and you've got yourself a formal, sun-dress, shirt... sky is the limit.

stacy and clinton may not approve of the one-legged-leggings {say that 5 times fast}, so try to avoid wearing them in public, mkay? ;)


  1. Cheap and easy! My kind of gal! :P

  2. So brilliant!!! Love those leggings...and dress!!!

  3. Our American Girls have been tucked away and must be lonely! We had so much fun with them. They have come with us on vacation, rode the train to New York, had their ears pierced and dined on fancy finger food. I miss going to New York for the girl's birthdays and buying them matching doll/girl pajamas. We did that every year for three years. Love AG!

    Maybe this post will spark a desire to bring them out and give them some lovin!

  4. Love that dress. Keilee has made American Girl clothes for years. And no they aren't as perfect as the bought ones but she loves them just the same.

  5. love it... must try! Kaitlin had a doll but NEVER got into it.. Emily had a Bitty Baby and just got McKenna for her birthday and and is currently reallying into although she mostly likes the "stuff" more than the clothes.. {{{sigh}}}

  6. Very inventive!!

    Allie and Piper STILL love their American Girl dolls, too :) They have made furniture from boxes and recently my dad made my girls copper daybeds and then Piper begged him to make our homeschool neighbors the same beds :) My mom has helped them sew clothes and blankets and pillows. The clothes for Michaels (craft store) 18" dolls also work :)

  7. we did the exact same thing! we used white leggings that had lace on them! and black ones too! and we also use crazy socks, just cut off the foot part! so fun! we love our AG dolls and books over here! we have spent way too much money on them all though and now the prices are going up AGAIN! it's crazy how expensive this stuff is!

  8. Definitely tucking this away for when Q --someday-- gets American Girl fever! :) (Also, you're hilarious!)


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