Wednesday, March 7, 2012

feb/march~week 9/366 {school of life-dance-dolls-recital}

thank you for all of the sweet comments regarding a family member who is battling a difficult health diagnosis. 
many difficult conversations taking place here.  conversations that should be followed with a looong nap. if only. keepin' it honest. ;)


isn't my mini-me up there cute?  seriously.  this is how i look right now.  posting this blog on the sofa, computer resting on the arm.

levitating in the mom-wagon is not something you will find me doing. but we do what we can to entertain ourselves while waiting on sister. 

sometimes, in the quietness, mom wants to cash in on that nap.  the collapsing, snoozing pets set the tone.

sometimes, i find a girlie surrounded by... books, ink pads, smash books, stickers, hair accessories, crochet, puzzles, tv remote, spelling lists, history, american girl magazines, eating a snack in pajamas -- yet doing their math.  good girl.  oh how i wish i had been homeschooled.  

gracie has taken to body art.  aka... doodling.

i think i've about got our curriculum for next year figured out.  just realized... did i ever share what we've been doing this year? that stuck with us, anyway. ;) hmmmm...

a yummy quick snack -- gf waffle, organic blueberries, and nature's hollow honey.  num-num.  {this is a shout-out to the wonderful customer service at nature's hollow - they recently delayed shipping on an order accidentally, and in return... doubled my order at no extra cost! nice.}


sometimes, all of the american girls get a lesson in grammar and science.  another great way to learn is to become the teacher.

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family team headed to dance competition. i know. we are insane.  but we are losing our insanity together, right?  

i can testify to at least one dance-mom's insanity. {not me-ha!}  seriously, she tossed all lessons in character out of the window, while giving a small group of moms a lesson in dressing-room-territory-etiquette.  and i worded that as nicely as i could.  crazy lady.  okay, maybe that wasn't nice. 


beau has fangs.  i sometimes wonder if his habit of sleeping with his tongue out has caused his little teeth to shift.  in his playful state, pupils fully dilated, he has taken to biting anything.  ugh. the girls are looking forward to his lazy-old-man season of life.  but i know it will be here soon enough.  

oh... but when he gets sleepy, he melts-my-heart.   he curls perfectly in my lap -- reaches his front paws (no claws) up to my face, as if to hug me.   sweetest-lil'-softest-ball-of-fur... e.ver.  just what i wanted in having another cat. hahhh... {thanks, again, schmoopie!}

at dance competition, nator brought her loom to finish a hat she'd started at home.  she got quite a bit of attention each time she worked on it.  one dad said he might even start one. ;) i suppose it is a bit unusual to find a young lady working with yarn at a dance competition.  we are so proud of her.  love that kid.

good food.  false eye-lashes.  texas-sized waffles.  showmanship.  expensive souvenirs.

supportive sister.  priceless memories.  piano recital.  proud parents.  puffy-shirt-buttons-about-to-pop, proud.


we needed a day of recovery... but there was a field trip planned. {news of that soon}  we even homeschool on sundays, if need be.  truthfully, school is always in session.

aaaand... one might find themselves buying grapefruit on the side of the road when one travels afar on said field trip.  because it reminds one of the days in which one's grandpa used to sell produce on the side of the road.  only, this nice man was selling comforters, too.  one may not have eaten the grapefruit yet.  should one be afraid?

i love when hubs is home.  especially, on the weekend.  for many reasons.  one of which is... he makes wonderful pancakes with fresh fruit, turkey bacon, and eggs.  organic - the key to my heart.

how is that for a very random-all over the map-post? ;)


  1. Oh good! We're gonna need a tutorial on the hat. Sweetheart started one WAY back at the beginning of the year (before I could figure out why I was so tired) and there it sits. We don't know what to do next. HELP!!

  2. I listened to Nator - boy I wish I could have done so well at my recitals. I almost always messed up & had to start again - yikes!

    I always love to see what you guys are up to, even if it's exhausting :)

  3. Just love the dance pics...always my favorite! And yep, I wish I had been homeschooled, too. Such a different experience and a much more nurturing one.

    Continued prayers for your loved one. Sounds like a heartbreaking time, I am sorry. :/

  4. I love all of your posts and I get so excited when you post!! I think Nator gets the homeschool star of the year award! doing math amid all the fun...loomweaving, supporting her sister? What an awesome kid!!! And Gracie looks adorable--she has quite the stage presence!!

    I SO wish we lived closer--I think all these girlies would be friends and you and I would get along great too!

    I am still trying to figure out how Nator was levitating!!

    What curriculum are you using? I can not even think about next year yet!

    Now I want blueberries!

  5. I am dreaming of lazy days, warm weather, Texas sized waffles and beer by the pool......I feel your Dance-Mama pain. I have become a DI Mama myself!

    Thanks for sharing the video of the recital! I will have to show it to Grace when she wakes up!

  6. Such adorable dance pictures, and recital pics too. Always love seeing your slice of life : )

  7. I WOULD LOVE to hear what curriculum you are using this year and what you are planning on for the fall! let me know! you can email me at if it's easier than doing a blog post!!! also, our girls should connect because you know of course, how they all love American Girl Dolls! that would be so fun!!!
    If you email me I can give you ava's email, she's turning 11 this July....your girls can watch her youtube videos on my youtube channel at : tarapollardpakosta37 ! I think they would enjoy that....?!
    have a GREAT day!!!
    Oh, this year we used mostly BJU and some Sonlight for reading/history...

  8. Great dance competition expressions. :) And the piano recital was lovely - nice playing, Nator!

  9. I wrote out this big ol' long comment, and it got lost somewhere--at least I think it did. If you get 2 comments from me that sound the same, you'll know why. : )

    Thanks for sharing your life in pictures--I love these posts!

    I would like to know your curriculum choices for this year and next! I'm struggling to know what to do for next year--Hannah starts high school! Gulp.

    Beau's antics sound very familiar. I caught Abby biting on a cable cord last night! I enjoy her sleepy state, although she is pretty entertaining--even when being a thorough distraction from school. :/

  10. I feel your pain too. Dance Moms are closely related to Show Moms I think. But I love all the great pictures. That Texas waffle cracks me up. Love the dance pictures and the piano recital. Great times...aren't we lucky to homeschool?

  11. love the American girls all lined up! :) too fun

  12. your girls are so stinkin' cute!!

    we had a similar situation last year with a family member who was diagnosed with cancer. broke my heart to tell the girls. lots of questions. lots of tears.

    finally hoping to get back on the blogging bandwagon :D once you get out of the habit it's hard to get back going.

  13. Wow looks like ya'll have had a busy month already. Laughed at the American Girl class. So cute.

    I am sorry to hear about one of your family members being ill :(


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