Wednesday, September 14, 2011

an {un}eventful day


do you really think i'm joking when i tell you that my house is a mess?
i spared you pictures of my laundry piles.
do you really think i was concerned about it?
after these past weeks, with hubs not home to relieve some of the pressure, i'm learning to embrace life's messes.  {i may need to repeat that last part for my own sanity.}

today, we did very little.
we had a lazy morning of crochet {nator}, building crafty things {gracie}, and growing roots on the sofa {raising hand}.

of course we did school.
what kind of mother do you think i am?  
i popped in dvds... drive thru america, and for the people to give an overview of our government.  from my sofa i managed to answer questions like...
what is an abolitionist, monarchy, democracy, diplomat...? 


even a lil' science for good measure.
what would happen to packaging peanuts, if you put them in water?
they dissolve, in case you were wondering. ;)


it twas a lovely day, with little to no sibling rivalry.

we only got out of the house for piano lesson.
of course, jazzy came with us.
we are kinda kennel-less right now, anyway.
and, frankly, i don't trust my harry houdini dog in them like i used to... 
after yesterday's episode.
mama needs a solution soon.
it's still too hot to leave her in the car during errands.


i did manage to uproot myself from the sofa to visit with some sweet friends.  they read our lil' bloggy and made jasmine cards.  is that not the sweetest thing?!  ever?  they even remembered to put a bandage on jazzy's foot... and include a pic of her getting puppy foam.  clever kiddos.  love it.

after dinner, the girls gave us moms an american girl fashion show.
{it was muy posh.  right, brenda?} ;)


okay... mama is off to lala land herself now.
i'm plum worn-out from all of the activity today.


at least one of us is.


  1. If it makes your feel any better......I still have one suitcase left to unpack!

  2. SO posh. :) Poor Jazzy. She's still so pitiful in these pictures.

  3. :-) I love how you keep it real. An American girl fashion show?! Fabulous, I'm sure.

  4. I love your day! I love days like that and think most should be exactly like it. :) Kei would so love to have an American Girl Fashion Show with your girls. Hope Jazz is better.

  5. Too sweet about the card. And houses are to LIVE in! :D

  6. Sounds like a lovely day to me. I think next week I am going to plan a whole day of nothing. I need a mini me vacation.

  7. looks like fun... wish we could all spend the day together! my girls would love the mess in that first pic!

  8. Oh the laundry piles.. Don't remind me.


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