Sunday, September 18, 2011

time with the hubster

we picked up hubs from the airport on thursday.  he worked friday.
by friday eve, mama. was. drained.
{seems to be a theme lately}

being the intuitive guy hubs is, he took the girls on a lil' daddy/daughter outing...
per mama's request.

while mama ran off some stress at the gym, daddy had fun with his girls.
after picking up gracie from dance, they hit the book store, pei wei, vitamin shoppe, tarjet, and a second grocery store.
hubs was earning some brownie points.

saturday, his boss called.
which required us to do a favor for him...  on the other side of the big city.

{crocheting on the go}
it's more because hubs is a friend, too.  i get that.

{packing for the boss-man}

which meant we were driving by the cheesecake factory.
aaaand since we had to eat dinner anyway,

{hershey's chocolate cheesecake-cake}

we had to order a piece of cheesecake.
it would have been a sin not to; i'm pretty sure.
so we ordered one piece to share between the 4 of us.

the girls only put their forks down for the picture;
they were still scraping the plate.
at home, they may have licked it.

i believe there was an arm wrestling match, too.
we're quite refined, yes?
{*googles etiquette schools*}

we eventually hit the hay for a night-time nap.
awake at 5:15 a.m., my internal alarm went off.
why would i get up that early, you say?
to take hubs to the airport.
because that's how i roll these days.

for the saints game.  because i'm a good wifey.

at least he opted not to leave on saturday, meeting all the guys at the ufc fight.
it just feels like he's barely been home much this month.
they're getting him the rest of the week...
they have to share, you know?

many of my sweet bloggy friends are quite complementary about how i handle hubs being out of town so much.  {you guys are too sweet.}
truth is, we do okay.
some trips are harder than others.  especially those that invade our weekend family time.

but we deal with it by....
remembering to be thankful for his job, during a time in which many have lost jobs. 
girlie movie nights.  nail painting.  dining out.  and, to be completely honest...

{sitting pretty}

jasmine.  she's my buddy, especially while hubs is away.  i guess that would justify the bazillion posts about her?  maybe.  she's {at least} entertaining, right?  ;)

i think she may even have a lil' fan club brewing.  *giggle*  for those who've asked, her paw is doing seemingly well.  she is no longer limping.  even runs, at times.  she thinks one must continue to let the cat know who's boss.  her bandage comes off tuesday.  she's really excited about that... and the fact that another kennel has not taken the place of the old one in our home. ;)

okay... gotta run.  i'm feeling a bit like jazzy in these last pix.  i sent my girls to clean their rooms, but all i wanna do is sleep.  i forgot that cloudy, drizzly days do that to an already tired person.  {thankyoujesusfordrizzle}

{pretty exhausted}

and that one would have to tape one's bandage in plastic, due to wet ground.
go saints!


  1. oh.the cheesecake.....I think I just had to wipe some drool...seriously. I miss living near a cheesecake factory! But I'm sure my waist doesn't! Ha

    Have a great week!

  2. So glad y'all got some rain. Jasmine looks to be healing nicely!
    It's a nice change when CH is away, but my boys are older, and it doesn't happen very often. I would say it would get very old after a short while.

  3. So sorry you are without Hubs so much. I know how much harder that it. Trust me "I KNOW" how hard it is to be the 'single' parent.

    I love reading your posts. They always make me giggle. Great writing. I bet you that you talk just like that don't you? :)

    Nice to see Jazz on the mend.

  4. I have never been to Cheesecake Factory. Gasp! I know, I've got to change that.

    I'm sure it has got to be tough having hubby gone so much - you handle it like a champ :)

  5. The funny thing is that when I mentioned her by her name, Sassy knew who I was talking about. She wanted to see pictures of Jazzy. That dog is loved, for sure.

  6. Yay for intuitive husbands! I really do understand how you feel about him being gone. We've got a long trip (for him) coming up in October. I'm glad Jasmine is a good companion for you guys. I, for one, love seeing pictures of her!

    And OH, that cheescake! I'D be licking the plate!

  7. It's so hard to have a traveling husband, but you do seem to handle it so well. Hope this week is quick and smooth :)

  8. I'm okay most of the time with all the travel. I do dislike the trips that start on a Saturday though-ugh.

    Have a nice week!

  9. It must be hard having him away all the time. I know I get drained when my husband is not around. It seems to take so much out of a person.

    Loved to see Jasmine! She's such a beautiful dog and I loved your photos of her!


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