Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i tried not to mention the dog {hangs head in shame}


we are plugging along, but currently... in sssllllooooooooow motion.
between theater, a vet apt, and someone getting a lil' sinus makeover
{fancy word for cold, eh?}, we are taking things down a notch.

you'll be happy to note that jazzy is currently bandage-less.
yay! for not having to wrap that bad-boy-bandage in plastic every time she needed to circle the backyard for the perrrrfect spot.  {wet ground. yay! #texasdrought} we only have the stitches to remove this weekend.  woot.

although, she wants to make an immediate exit at the vet's office, looking for the door-or corner, she handles it quite well.  interpret that as, she doesn't growl or nip anyone.  she lets the vet do his job.  good girl.

to help with separation anxiety, mama is now carrying the keys on her hip.  all over the house.  especially, many trips to the front door.  let's just call it 'jingle thereapy'.  or desensitizing therapy.  we left her in the house for 30 minutes yesterday.  on video {yes, we videoed} she only whined some, but stayed staring at the front door 99% of the time.  i'm also going to buy her a thundershirt.  take her on more {short} walks on our street.  and give her rescue remedy.

have i covered all of my bases? ;)   anything to help entertain her while we're away?  animal planet on tv can be traumatizing for my girlies.  and just so you know, never ask a petsmart employee if they carry dvd's for dogs.  they might giggle at you.  and you might feel like they are justified in their giggle.  but you don't care.  you love your dog.

seriously, after researching dog behavior, i'd say i still have a pretty good dog.  she doesn't have near the amount of quirks i've read about.  wowzers.  there's some doozies out there.

anyway... this wasn't supposed to be about jazzy.


when one girlie is under the weather, the other always takes the opportunity to create cards do art.   homeschool.  check.  *wink*  complete with comics {thanks to brain pop} attached.  sweet, yes?  and the fact that my sick girlie is comforted by wearing mama's big fluffy robe.

okay... i'm off to take the healthy girlie to piano.  and wake up this sleepy dog for more desensitizing drills.  jingling of the keys + a short walk + stitches in paw = one worn out pooch.

have a great eve, my friends!


  1. Glad to hear Jazzy is doing better. Did I miss the pics from the photo shoot? I've been so busy, haven't had time to post, read, or comment. Hope you're all well. Blessings, SusanD

  2. I'm sorry you have a sick one. It's so hard to see your kids not feel good!

    Good for Jazzy for making it ok without the kennel! Even if it's a short time, it's progress right?! And I never knew there were such products as the ones you linked to. I hope they work for her! (Will you be taking any of the rescue remedy?) : ) Sounds like it might be quite handy to have around.

  3. Great ideas for desensitizing! Yay for rain!!! So glad y'all finally got some! Sorry your girlie is under the weather, but love that your robe makes her feel better! Too sweet!

  4. The obedience instructor told us to leave the tv on for our first dog who was known to get into mischief when we were out. Eating the linolium anyone? Talk about quirks! Anyway, they do get bored and it does trick them a bit. Its worth a shot.

    Hope your two legged girl is feeling better too!

  5. you are such a good dog owner!

    My girls have colds too. Now Jason has one...ugh!

    Hope Gracie is feeling better soon!

  6. Glad Jazzy is doing better. Have you tried playing videos of ya'll while your gone. My sis-n-law has the thundershirt for one of there dogs and says it works.

    I hope Gracie feels better.

  7. Sounds smart! Have you thought about playing home movies? Would your voices be comforting?

  8. @ Brenda- that is genius!

    @ H-Mama- for some reason this post made me laugh and I needed to... we have a "freakish" dog in our family too... talk about quirks. ;0)

  9. you gals are heart-warming... yet crackin' me up at the same time. our voices? is it crazy that i actually thought of that? {rhetorical question} just didn't know how i could loop it?? crazy, i know. @carrie, are you calling my beloved doggie "freakish"? ;)

  10. Hope Gracie is feeling better. I have 2 friends who swear by the thundershirts. Thankfully Nomad isn't afraid of storms...but he is crazy in so many other ways I don't gloat. :p

    The home movies idea is good. Or just record you all talking and loop it. How much she loves you. We were at a HS get together yesterday and a friend who is originally from your neck of the woods mentioned that you had finally gotten rain! YAY

  11. Poor Jazzy, so glad that she is on the mend. Also, that the human kind are feeling better as well. Colds stink!

    I brought a Thundershirt for Bandit. He is our scared at his own shawdow poodle. The hubby growled and moaned about the $36 I was going to spend on a "stupid" shirt. But I did, and EVERYONE is happy! We love it! Bandit will even come and ask to have it put is wonderful! We all get a kick out of it! When we first put it on him, he will actually stumple and almost fall over because it relaxes him so much! It's like drugs! HA! Try it, I think you will be very happy with the outcome!

  12. yes. I believe I am.. but I LOVE freakish dogs.. they are the only kind I love btw... :0)

  13. Home movies!!! That is a great idea!! I thought of calling my house, just so our poochie could hear my voice. But I then I figured she might go nuts, so I didn't. :) Glad to hear she is getting better. Hope Gracie is feeling better soon. No fun having a cold.

  14. You are such a good dog owner! Gotta say I may have giggled a little at your request for dog dvd's too ;)


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