Saturday, July 9, 2011

we interrupt this alaskan series to bring you a {real} post

and by real, i mean... keepin' it real.
since we've been back in town, i've had a little trouble picking up where i left off.

hubs was out of town this week.
he left on his birthday.
good thing we ate at marble slab the night before.

we celebrated last night.
three days later.

we normally like to make a week out of birthdays, anyway.


yes, this is breakfast.  yes, the clock is right.
that's how we've been rolling lately.


we are sloooowly wrapping up some loose ends in school.
initially, i wanted to school year-round this year.
you know, the full sha-bang.
we took june off due to summer activities.
i'm only committing to finishing up our last chapters in science and history in july.
and ummmm...
i guess we can count this as art, too.
the full sha-bang will resume in august.
that's year-round, right?

it's schooling for me, too.
i'm learning to relax in our schedule.
learning is more than a lesson plan.
if you make those, that is.
i don't.


i had to have a talkin' to a little girl who was being mean-spirited to one of my girls, and her friend.  this girl was at the same inflatable-fun-room we attended.
only she came with a karate camp.
that could spell trouble.
we've had a bully issue before... even in a christian homeschool group.
so i'm quicker to act when issues arise.
by the time we left, the young lady was nice enough to apologize for her actions.


this is an apron hubs gifted me for valentine's day.
even though it was something i really wanted,
i used it for the first time this week.
now i'm officially addicted to aprons.
especially cute ones.


my girls are, too.
but we are window shopping for now.
window shopping helps save money.
my girls have saved more than they ever have before...
since i have started making them 'think a night on it' before they buy.


i'm not a fan of the dentist.
we need them, i know.
and i bring my girls to all of their check-ups and more,
but i'm waaaay overdue a check-up. 


my girls were eager to work the concession stand at one of our dance fundraisers, a community concert...  of course, that means mom gets to, as well.  it's 102 degrees.

hubs was at a baseball game with co-workers.

i may have complained a time or two that i was ready to go back to alaska.

and that's all i'm confessin' for now.

except for the fact that the family is waiting on me to get dressed so we can go to the store.
i'm still in my pajamas.


  1. You wanted to homeschool year round this year, but normally don't? How did you get the girls to be okay with that?

    I am doing 'lite' work with my kids through this summer for the first time and they are not happy about it...feeling robbed. lol

  2. I am learning to relax in our homeschool schedule as well. And we often don't get up and eat breakfast until after 10 am!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. oh I am whining for those cooler temps too!!! It is hot, hot, HOT!!!

    and I LOVE breakfast at 10!!!

  4. I love your posts - the real part is just the best :) Dr. M & I should really wear aprons in the kitchen. & bibs while eating. We're a little bit on the messy side.

    I was SO excited the other night as I contemplated the fact that for up to a year after my surgery it's recommended that I do a round of antibiotics before any trip to the dentist. I thought - well heck I just won't GO to the dentist until next year! But then I remembered that it's so much less annoying to go every six months - less scraping to do. Sigh.

  5. I have a bit of an apron fetish myself. I think I've passed that on to my girls as well : )

    Happy Birthday to the hard working hubs!

  6. I can imagine how after a magnificent vacation like Alaska, it would be hard to get back into the swing of things! But hey -- at least you're still doing breakfast, no matter what time it gets on the table ;) And I applaud you for your efforts at year-round schooling; a lot of people wouldn't even think to do it! Hope you find your groove soon!

  7. 10:20 is good. we normally eat our breakfasts for lunch. we are late risers haha!

    i love aprons too. so do my clothes. i always manage to get oil on me when cooking.

    off to catch up ;D

  8. we are starting school again in August too. I love schooling "all" year round because then we can break whenever we need to. it works for us!

  9. i am thinking of the year round thing too. hmm...we'll see.

    breakfast at 1030 is perfect though!


  10. we've been known to have breakfast at noon. 10:20 is just fine.


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