Thursday, May 19, 2011

our {girlie} spa night

our girlie nights vary from week to week... or night, depending.  distraction is key.  with the number of nights hubs has been out of town on business, mama needed to think of something... 

ahhh... spa night!

too bad hubs missed out on this one.  in our ancient history lesson today, we learned that in india it was a sign of manhood and bravery for boys to have painted nails.  maybe that could have convinced hubs to join us?  then again... maybe not.

the girls were so excited.  truthfully, i was a lil' pumped about it, too.

it twas a very busy day, indeed. 

thankfully, i had already determined that morning that it didn't matter how messy the house was by the end of the day. when it was spa time, mama was going to ignore all that had not been accomplished.  i mean... the overloaded checklist is not going anywhere, right?

truthfully, we did manage to get a lot done today.  no matter what the house looked like.  it was time to kick our heels up.


sometimes... life demands us to take note of the fact that we need to giggle more.

smear banana on our faces.

paint outside the lines.


or have fun with polka dots.



watch little house on the prairie.
then sharpay's fabulous adventure.
makes sense, no?

the girls are tucked into bed...
smelling of freshly shampooed hair, banana, and nail polish.

i'm soon to follow.
after i make sure the tooth fairy has done her duty in gracie's room tonight.

silly tooth fairy.
she's been tardy before.
maybe two or three times.

we forgive her.
we know she's busy, too.


  1. this just made me smile!!! So much fun just exudes from those pictures!!

    And that tooth fairy? Can't believe she is STILL late after all these years!!!! :)

  2. Oh what a fun spa night. I desperately need one of those!!! Thanks for sharing. BTW, how much does a tooth go for these days? lol. Blessings on your day, SusanD

  3. Fun! My daughter and I are going for mani/pedis tomorrow followed by lunch out somewhere. I'm looking forward to the girl time. Daughters are the best : )

  4. Sassy has left the spa phase. :( She doesn't want me to do her nails or hair, EVER!! I kinda miss it.

  5. Those nails look so good! I'm so glad you girls had a fun spa night!

    (And don't tell anyone, but the tooth fairy who comes to our house has been up to a week late before. Oops.)

  6. Makes me want a girl....BAD!!!!{sigh.....} You are one blessed h-mama!

  7. I just showed these girls the post. They LOVE the nails!! They knew which was which just by their nails! lol.

    They are also pretty bummed that we watched "Gulliver's Travels" last night because I didn't know Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure was now we need to see when that plays again!

    And we loooooooooooove Little House on the Prairie! love! love! LOVE! We own several seasons and watch them over and over. My fave is in season 2, I believe, when Carrie falls down the well. A's fave is when Laura trades her horse Bunny for the stove for Ma. P just loves Carrie. They don't make shows like that anymore! I love the messages of faith and family and struggles and hard times, but how character prevails. I just love LHOP!

  8. Love the girlie night! Kei loved the polka dotted polish and wants to try it tomorrow! I know you girls had the best time ever.

    We love Little House too and we just saw that Sharpay's Fab Adventure was on last night. We will have to check it out.

  9. I LOVE the polka dots! How great that you & your girls have spa night! Won't find that at my house, unfortunately!

  10. The polka dots are awesome! And the tooth fairy always seems to be tardy at our house too. :( Don't know WHY we can't seem to remember!!!

  11. This looks like fun! I want to play!

  12. looks like y'all had a fun girls night. love the toes! we have lots of polka dotted toes here too :D


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