Thursday, March 10, 2011

i've been reading... and it's worth it

Several years ago, you would have found me elbow-deep in a Beth Moore study.  Workbook and notes all around me.  Homeschool.  Or something health related.  I have nothing against Beth Moore.  Really.  But I haven't picked up an 'inspirational-self-help' book in a few years.  That's a post for another day.  Maybe.

I just can't get into fiction.  Wish I could.  Well, except for The Shack.  Loved that book.  Once I got past the first 5 or so chapters, that is.  I know.  I'm probably in the minority when it comes to my I.C. {Institutional Church} friends.

I'm trying to get my health back on track.  Hubs used to call me a walking encyclopedia of information.  It's hard to pull that title off when you've somehow managed to find 20 lbs over the past 4 years.  Ugh.

Contributor #1:  Exercise. 
{Ummm... I decided not to use the word "Excuse" in place of "Contributor".  Just FYI.}  I used to have a great exercise routine {operative words being 'used to'}.   My alarm went off early-I was at the gym-back home-making breakfast... all before hubs had to leave for the office.  I miss that routine.

Fast forward.  Hubs has a different job.  A bit further away.  When he's in town, that is.  Now, his alarm goes off much earlier than mine used to.  All in the name of beating city traffic and getting to the gym in time to get cleaned up before his first meeting.

The girls and I really do appreciate his efforts in going to the gym.  I've wanted that for him for a long time.  He likes it, too.

Endorphins.  It's a good thing {spoken in my best martha stewart voice}.

Confession:  My exercise DVDs collect dust.  I have good intentions, but those are best exercised at a gym.  I love being driven by my own music via earphones.  And when I'm paying for a membership, I'm more likely to follow through.  It's weird.  I know.

So when do I go?

After feeding everyone breakfast would cut into our school time.  I can usually sneak in a visit to the gym during one of the girls' dance classes and a quick trip between Saturday or Sunday when hubs is in town.  When the girls are sick... it just doesn't happen.  And even if hubs manages to get home at a predictable time in the evenings, Mama is simply too 'tuckered out' to go.

I wish this weren't such a struggle.

Contributor #2:  Toxins.
Have you been wondering when I would get to the 'what I've been reading' part?   Suzanne Somers.  Se*xy Forever.  Don't let the title scare you.  This book is loaded with healthy information {probably similar to her many other books, in which i don't own}.  Se*xy Forever is really not about 'being se*xy'.  More about being healthy.


If you thought the sugar you were eating was the only culprit to the spare tire you may or may not be sporting, you'd be wrong.  Toxins.  Or should I say, a toxin overload!  I can honestly tell you that I felt my healthiest when I was on top of my exercise routine... and cleanses.  It's true.  I'm convinced my liver was never so clean.  TMI?  It's too bad that we're not more comfortable with this kind of talk.

We should know about the cancers caused by the usage of chemicals, like Round-Up.
The poison, which goes by the name of Fluoride, accumulating in the body.
BPA (Bisphenol A), found in many plastics, causing birth defects.
Aluminum, and it's link to Alzheimer's.
Words we can't pronounce in our cosmetics and cleaning products.
What and how our animals are fed... not to mention treated.

"Russia doesn't want our chicken, and they have a food shortage.  That should tell you something!"  {Oi}  
"The more toxins you take in, the more fat is required to store them."  {*sigh*}

There are a number of suggestions for cleansing in her book.  Some, I doubt I could afford.  You know, like purchasing a special sauna.  If I could, I would LOVE to at least have some of these tests done for my whole family.  I haven't been good at picking up on little clues when doing a quick elimination diet.  Maybe because I lose patience with it.  I like to eat.  #hangsheadinshame

So, finding out if specific foods are causing joint pain, bloating, headaches, weight gain, dark circles, and even cellulite {yes, it could be food allergies!!} would be won.der.ful!!

Have I bored you yet?

I say if you're interested in preventative health, you'd like this book.  There's tips on which foods are highest in pesticides {especially apples and grapes, which happen to be gracie's fave.  thankfully, i only buy those in organic.} and a plethora of easy-to-read information, so that you, too, can sound like a walking encyclopedia.

Staying out of the doctor's office {and health} is the goal.  {repeat}  Well, other than the chiropractor.  I see them more as preventative care.  Love them!  They gave Nator's ears a good poppin' on Tuesday.  We were talking about medications causing a plethora of symptoms, etc... and Nator said, "Don't they teach them {doctors} that in school?"  Ha!  If only the health system in America were focused on prevention.  *sigh*

This is the kind of post in which most of my friends politely roll their eyes, smile, and nod.  {here she's goes again, they think}  It's okay.  I've been getting that look for years.  But, secretly, I often wish there were more support for people like me.  Walking against the current gets tiring after a while.  So, I write this {eternal} post to remind myself to keep fighting the good fight.  Kids will get sick, even when all precautions have seemingly been met.  As my chiropractor gently reminded me, they are still building their immune systems. 

Buying organic, not driving through fast-food chains, dishing out daily doses of vitamins and supplements - twice a day, serving vegetables, getting enough sleep, and... even exercise are all... worth it.

#1:  Not sure how {yet}, but I've got to find a workout {routine} again.  Juggling the many logistics of a homeschool and mamahood may prove to be a challenge.  No excuses, right?
#2:  I'm getting started on a cleanse.  Hulda Clark style.  I'll spare you the details, though.  ;)

{suzanne somers did not send me a free book for review, nor does she even know of my existence; however, if someone from her company would like to donate a sauna or blood test results, i would be more than willing to write a review.}  :)


  1. I am finding when I have to exercise at home that Zumba is a great choice!!! It's actually fun and maybe your girls will do it with you and you can all laugh and get exercise together!!!

  2. Does she discuss hormones at all? I'm interested in knowing more about the role they play in weight management/energy levels, etc. My favorite foods all of my life have been fruits and veg and I do buy a lot of orgranic as we have easy access with many farms and such in our area. I do eat meat (not alot) and a lot of fish. I often feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out what is good and what is not and how much to eat if I'm exercising and blah blah is a lot to figure out. Oh, and I eat too much sugar! We all have our vices it seems : )

  3. I saw an interview with Suzanne Somers about this book and thought it looked really intriguing. I think I can always learn more in this area!!! The hard part for me is not in getting on board, it's definitely with financing the whole gig! It's so much cheaper to buy regular produce rather than organic--especially when my kids LOVE fruits and veggies in large quantities! Same goes for extra vitamins and supplements. Someday...
    By the way, I did a liver cleanse in college that made me think I was on the brink of dying from the inside out, literally. However, 2 days later, I could totally feel a difference! Now, I just need to decide what two days I have free to "die" for awhile!

  4. I should add the an underlying premise to this book is based on the role of hormones. That's a huge factor in weight-loss. Sorry I didn't mention that! ;)

  5. Well, looks like I'll be giving my Twilight series a break, and checking this out. :)

  6. I loved The Shack, too. Brilliant story!

    Knowledge is power....and sometimes it's also the stuff that nightmares are made of. Especially when it comes to our health!

  7. a little more curious about your thoughts on the shack. haven't read it myself but i think I'd get hung up a little on it too.

    I've been learning alot about health here lately and I've been caffiene/diet pop free for 3 weeks! :) huge success!

  8. "I'm trying to get my health back on track.  Hubs used to call me a walking encyclopedia of information.  It's hard to pull that title off when you've somehow managed to find 20 lbs over the past 4 years.  Ugh."
    I dont know....encyclopedias weigh a lot! Haha!
    You probably know a whole lot more than me about all this and I do not think you are crazy. I just feel sort of ignorant about a lot of it. Every little change makes a difference.

  9. This was very interesting and informative for me. I don't spend enough time thinking about my family's health. But what I really liked was your little non-disclaimer at the very bottom! I was laughing--really hard. Isn't laughter good for your health? : )

  10. I was going to suggest something you and the girls could do together too. Sara's idea of Zumba would be great for that. You all could get in some cardio. Then work in a day or two at the gym as your schedule allows. Don't beat yourself up over it.

    A cleanse? Haven't done one of those. I'll read up on it.

    Small changes reap big results. Blessings, SusanD

  11. I hear you and I do not think you are crazy... I dont mind hearing about ANY of it even the tmi-- sometimes that is the best information!

    I cant seem to get back into my routine for working out.. I was DOING so well. NOW not so much! But my omelette I got up early to make tasted good and better than other things I eat cause they are quick! PRIORITIES right!

    TEll me how you (us a woman) have 50,000 priorities and make them al number 1! That is what I dont get!

  12. We are trying to make changes at our house. I'm taking baby steps. Haven't figured out a good exercise routine yet though.

  13. No eye rolling here, just nodding my head knowing I need to get back on track!

  14. You are right on. I've been taking baby steps towards healthier living and have been doing an okay job. My biggest hang-up is that I'm sooo cheap, and have a problem doling out more cash for organic products. I know, I know... it's totally worth it! I'm just trying to convince my wallet of that. ;) But I so admire your hard-core natural healthiness! Your girls will be so much better off for it!

  15. we finally took out a gym membership after many attempts at machines and DVD's here at home... but as a home schooling mama... with one in public school... soccer, band, school work, the dog and well... social lives... I can hardly go once a week!! and yep... the nighttime comes... and I think... every Monday/Wed I could sneak away while the family eats... but I am too stinkin tired by then!! and I am NOT a morning person! **sheesh!!** anyway... you are preachin to the choir here honey! I could have written that post!! (only the toxins... um... does that include organic chicken?? please say NO?!!) I don't buy organic apples b/c I was told if the skin can be cut away it is ok... now I am rethinking that... b/c they are probably still grown with hormones?!! Don't get me started on early puberty/breast cancer from toxins!! =) hey.. and what is that about Floride??!! YIKES? what?!


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