Tuesday, March 8, 2011

dance brings...

visions of foot illusions.  pointed toes.  and next year's choreography.

conversations overheard in bathroom stalls... of applying eyelashes... on young girls.

expensive souvenirs.  'puppy eyes'.  empty wallets.

and a chore chart to work off said souvenirs.


a room full of aerosol spray.


and lots of it.


backstage drama-mamas you may will want to put in time-out.

face gems glued to lil' girlie faces.

a crazy schedule.


a patient and very supportive sister.  {getting up at 5:30 am is not easy on a homeschooler, you know.  this crazy schedule may or may not have caused a respiratory relapse in this sweet girl.  we are busy nursing her back to health.}


mom.  she was there, too.  can you see her?  she often forgets to turn the camera on herself.


and dad.  we ended our weekend extravaganza with a tour of daddy's office... and a nap.  because dance also brings...


high gold.

and excitement.

two competitions down.  one more to go... for 2011.


  1. Looks like wonderful busy fun! The dance pics are adorable.

  2. oh the falling asleep in the car is pathetic. Poor tired girls! :) I'm tired just reading this!

  3. I loved all these pictures!!! they just ooze FUN!!

    I also love that your daughter sleeps with her hands tucked under her chin....so very sweet!

  4. I think you and I have the same reaction to dance. I love it, but then sometimes I think some moms make it a little too "over the top" for my taste. This is our first year without dance and I miss many things. I loved watching my girls dance. But I didn't like the mothers who seemed to compete with each other over whose daughter was better.

    PS My girls sleep with their heads totally to the side in the car too! I always worry that their neck will hurt...but it never seems to!

    Hope your sweet girl is better soon!

    Love your photos!

  5. Looks so exciting and sparkly! Tiring too! :) What fun memories for your girls!

  6. Looks like so much fun! I'm sure you are exhausted after all that. But great memories were made with your girls...that is the best!

  7. I spent many a day in a dance studio with my girls. Mamas needing time outs-so true! Ha! Enjoy these sweet times : )

  8. wow! 5:30 isn't that like breaking some homeschool law or something :D

    you are one busy momma!

    great pics of your pretty girls!

  9. so...I think I should be grateful that I get to stand in the rainy cold wet wet rainy cold weather for little soccer players?? =) oh my!! what a crazy life little dancers have!! =) love the little reader on the floor... cute! =) My little girl is like that... "mommy can I bring a book?" he he!! and yep..,. I agree with Michelle... 5:30 is breaking home school laws... ha ha!! love the aerosol comment... ha ha ha ha... reminds me of high school and first year of college~! oh my!

  10. I don't know about you, but I love to see youngsters being so dedicated to what they love doing...and not playing video games!

  11. i love doing dance compition its so much fun go JR.TEAM YEAH!!


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