Wednesday, March 16, 2011

in the {moment} and lots of random

So easily, I get caught up in what the next project should be... that I forget.  Forget to enjoy the moment.  Who cares if the final phase of touching up my walls looks like a different shade of paint.  I'll just do it all. over. again.  *sigh*  Where was I again?  Oh... the moment.

In light of Japan's recent tragedies, we are reminded {once again} how precious life truly is.  I could go on and on about this one topic alone... but it's just so... so... *sigh*


This computer is completely filled to the brim with pictures and videos in it's hard-drive, that hubs says it's time to delete.  The very thought of deleting pictures gives me hives.  At least in my mind.  Didn't I tell you about the time I lost 5,000 pictures and home movies on a new external hard-drive?  The company that was hired to retrieve our pix was known for retrieving information off of hard-drives that have been rolled over by vehicles and retrieved from burning buildings.  Apparently, they had not met the hard-drive that fell from the coffee table to the plush carpet... maybe 3 times.  ;)  There were tears.  You know, since many of those pix were not backed up elsewhere.

Since that time, I have been diligent about burning pix to DVDs monthly.  And I'm holding out on deleting them till I make sure I've uploaded them for future online orders... and until I find the spare external hard-drive that's around this place.  I've been so fixated on making sure that the last two years are well documented, that I've not taken many new pictures. *hangsheadinshame*

Other than a few with my iPhone.  Wanna see?  {I'll pretend you said yes. Mkay?}


The most expensive thing Gracie and I found at the dollar store.  A $10 pony ride.  We agreed that the lady was not nice to her animals, so we hung around a long time and gave lots of love to her ponies and bunnies.  I think the llama just wanted to kick everyone.  {Sorry, Mr. Llama, we would have even loved on you, too.  Thanks for the ride, Mikey!}  Looks like Mikey is giving us that 'tilted puppy dog face', yes?


They are test-driving possible motor vehicles for future use already.  Can never start too early, right?  I hope you don't take me too seriously.


Gracie has been all about the games here, lately.  I'd forgotten how fun In a Pickle was.


We're losin' teeth here.  Nator has lost one since this, too, but we didn't manage to get a picture.  She informed me that it was her last baby pre-molar.  *sigh*  I believe she was mostly concerned with the dough that was going to land in her tooth pillow anyway.  She couldn't wait to get her hands on an episode of Fetch with Ruff Ruffman for her iPhone {simply used as a touch, not as a phone}.

They've grown to appreciate the value of an iTunes gift card.

They watch Ruff while going to the gym.  Yep.  We are on our third day {in a row-woohooo!} of going to the gym.  Together.  You see, I always had the gym as 'non-mommy' time, but I realize the need for cultivating good habits in the girls, too, so...  We are rearranging our schedule a bit.  Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.

Stop trying... and just 'do'.  You know what I mean?

I'm bracing myself for the groans I plan to hear in the coming weeks.  {remember we did this before?  the girls grew tired of it... but mama is sticking to it this time.  i have to.}


Oh... and we all grew a little Justin 'Bieber fever' recently.  We almost cringe to admit it.  Except for Gracie.  She thinks she's his biggest fan.  We took the girls to see Never Say Never.   Nator simply went from dislike to like... not crazed fan.  She's level-headed, that one.

Confession:  It was as great as everyone said it was.  He obviously has God-given music ability.  Wow.  I can see why all the girls crush on him.  I mean, I have a weakness for intelligent, funny musicians, too.  Obviously, a little older, that is.  Without the well-oiled machine of Disney to back him, he did things a little old school, visiting many radio stations, etc.  A bit of ground work.  Did you know he broke his foot while performing on stage, and finished the song? Wow.

He homeschools, too, of course.  The girls liked that part.

{The negatives, Justin?  The short-skirted Miley.  yikes.  And the One Less Lonely Girl... poor thing.   I think the 'lonely girl' you pick out of the crowd really does want to marry you.  Be careful.  You may have them believing you really want to, as well.  ;)  And please, please continue to keep your lyrics clean.  Those R&B singers you look up to should heed that advice, as well.  All spoken in the loving tone of a parent... to one of your biggest fans.} 

Okay.  I feel better now.

Moments.  I'm off to create more of them.  And may or may not take pictures.  And may or may not listen to Bieber sing Never Say Never, Born to be Somebody, or U Smile while tackling my to-do list.  :)

See.  Aren't you glad we caught you up on our pictures and little adventures?  {again, i'll just pretend you said yes.}

I 'did' say there would be lots of random.


  1. Love the poses on the lawn mowers! Ha!

  2. What a cute pony :)

    Oh that Bieber. If I'm going to sneer then I really should at least watch a video - it's not fair to him to sneer just based on the fact that he's so popular :)

  3. Your family reminds me so much of my family! I wish we lived closer because our girls are the same age!!

    I back up all photos on DVDs and delete periodically. But I did crash a computer loaded with baby pics, many of which I will never see again. Sad.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed getting caught up in the moment. Bite the bullet and just do it...I know exactly what you mean. Bieber fever? I did not know those things about him. Thanks for sharing your week and all the photos. Blessings, SusanD

  5. Great, now I'm curious about Beiber now. Luckily Sassy doesn't care about him. So maybe when it comes to OnDemand, I'll watch it after she goes to bed. :)

  6. So good to "see" you! I have missed keeping up with you and your wonderful family. This work thing is taking it's toll!
    The girls looks amazing as always. I have to say seeing Nator on the tractor, she looks very teenage-ish. They're growing up!
    Oh the Bieber Fever. So many girls come into the store and talk about him. I asked one girl who was all about him who she liked before Justin and she said, "The stupid Jonas Brothers." Oh how quickly we sway! :)
    Have a great week my friend!

  7. it is scary to have everything on a hard drive! I need to burn some CDs. yikes!

    love the pics!

  8. i like justin bieber but its just that i really dont like him as much as i used to


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