Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When One Can't Sleep...

One lies in bed, thinking of all the many blog posts she could be... and needs to be writing.  Posts that have been on a long list, but never developed past mere thoughts.  It would help to put fingers to keys at these hours.

iPhone to the rescue.

One googles {that's a verb, right?} best possible mattresses to buy.  An old, sagging mattress might be to blame for back pain and insomnia.  Because I'm sure none of it is due to hormones.

And one determines that it would be nice to afford a latex foam mattress.  They're all the rage in Europe.  But I'd like to afford meals... and maybe-even-possibly a family trip this year.  So, maybe we'll splurge for a memory foam mattress... one day.  My back can dream.

One googles 18" discount American Girl doll clothes.  No luck.  Not yet, anyway.

One googles homeschool curriculum.  Because that's what homeschool moms do.  We are in constant research of what would be the best curriculum fit for our families.  Or maybe we simply like to be informed.  With thousands of goodies to read about, I could stay in google with this topic alone.  Reading reviews all day.

One googles how to adjust something in Blogger.  Because Wordpress doesn't seem to be working out for me, so far.  I just can't get the plugins to work without having to use FileZilla.  Each time.  Grrr.

One plays Boggle.

One reads the news... and wishes she hadn't.

One checks email.

One gets cross-eyed from glaring at the tiny text in her iPhone.

One questions why she reverts to speaking in third person.

And one gives you a blurry picture...


Because what's a post, without a picture, right?   The cuteness overrides the blurry, yes?

Gracie says, "She {Jasmine} loves me too much."


And as luck would have it...

One wonders why she feels the ability to go back to sleep... just in time for her family to request breakfast.


  1. That picture has a definite HIGH cute factor. It's blurry? Guess I need to get my eyes checked.

    Get the new mattress.....sleep trumps $$$ every time. ;)

    Blessings, SusanD

  2. Wow you just described my night, minus mattress shopping! That is incredible-- but I was no the lap top, so no squinting!

    I am working on setting up a class at the health museum on THE BEATING HEART I know the girls arent there yet but any interest???

    probably Thursday or Friday.

  3. This post (and even the 3rd person writing) made me smile!

    We just recently acquired a tempur-pedic and it is one of the best investments we have ever made! I've had 2 back surgeries and so a good mattress was a need!

    Very cute picture!

  4. I have been there staring at the good old iphone in the middle of the night! :/
    *My mom is working on sewing some clothes for Cloe's American Girl doll--trying to match the real deals. I'll let you know if it works! We could maybe send some down!

  5. I am so sorry you can't sleep...that is a horrible feeling. I am also totally into Boggle right now...hurts my brain sometimes to wonder how I can only get 35 out of 150 words...geez.

    Hope you sleep better tonight.

  6. sorry you are sleepless!

    confused...aren't you on blogger?

    also, we splurged for a latex foam mattress for our tenth anniversary. 18 months later not quite sure it has been worth it. it leaves body impressions!!!


  7. I need a new mattress something fierce, but the one I want is so expensive. I keep telling hubs I won't be so grouch if I get a good nights rest and my back doesn't hurt. He doesn't believe me ???? ;)

  8. This is a company run by a fellow homeschooling Mom that I went to high school with. Her prices are more reasonable, and the clothes are meant for AG dolls.

  9. so funny! in my house, one takes ambien!! :)

  10. I can't stand it when I can't sleep, but it's usually due to some boys who wake me up in the middle of the night. Luckily those boys are at school, and I've gotten the situation with FES worked out, so I'm sleeping at night. Except for the night sweats that are waking me up. {sigh}

  11. Well at least one can entertain herself in the wee hours of the night when one can't sleep. That's good for one. It's better than sitting around and staring into the blackness wondering if one will actually be able to fall back to sleep :)

  12. I escape into iPhone Land when I can't sleep too. ...Which is most nights, lately ;) (P.S. Not everyone can do it, but you rock third-person writing quite well! :D)

  13. Michaels sells clothes (& Crocs and Ugg boots) for 18" dolls...and you can google Michaels coupons for 40% off...I usually hand each girl a coupon and few dollars :) So I can use a coupon myself :)

    Hope you get some sleep tonight.

  14. I am going to tempt you more... we invested... in a latex foam bed... I LOVE it... I was having horrible sleep issues ... we spent 1/2 our tax return on a bed 4 years ago... heaven!! IKEA sells latex foam beds too... but we bought ours on SleepEZ dot com I think?! best $2000 we ever spent! it is hysterical to put together ... and four strong men could not lift our mattress without taking it apart... latex foam is that heavy! anyway... just saying... 4 years later... we still sleep like babies... (why do they say that.. my babies never slept!??!) =)


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