Thursday, February 10, 2011

curiosity... got her in {trouble}


Gracie anticipated the jump before it happened, and was quick to sweep her off of our freshly primed dresser.  Can you see the swoop marks?  I envisioned primer getting all over Gracie's favorite 'Justice' clothes.  So, I grappled her away from Gracie... and ran 3 steps into the bathroom.

I am going to bed with primer on my arms and hands.


Between the sound of running water, and me applying it to her declawed paws, she cried out similar to a 2 year old having a temper tantrum.  She handles bathes better than this and wanted nothing to do with it. 

Her cries nearly sound like a small child.  It's made my heart skip a beat a time or two before, thinking it was one of the girls.

Everyone gathered for the show in my small bathroom.  Including Jasmine.

Between the girls' loud laughter, an excited Jasmine, the overcrowding, and Bella's pleas to stop the torture... I saw a Bella bite in my near future.  I did what any loving mother would do... and loudly proclaimed that everyone was banished from the bathroom.  Immediately!

I didn't have much luck.  Primer dries quickly.  She, too, will be going to bed with evidence on her paws.


I give her a little face-time on the ol' blog, and this is how I'm treated?

She won't look me in the eye.

After she gave herself a quick bath, due to the water I put all over her paws, she watched me finish the primer on the dresser.  Then followed me downstairs, after tucking in the girls.

I think she's trying to get back into good graces with Mama.  A few catnaps on my lap, and we'll call it even. 

That's what I love about a cat, you know.  The cuddles.

They're especially welcome when hubs is out of town for the week.  *sigh*

Cuddles, blogging, and dark chocolate {with raw almonds}. 

It's how I roll.


  1. Oh no! We have learned the hard way that a cat and wet paint doesn't mix, too. Now our kitty is banished to a closed room while paint is out. lol

    It broke up the monotony of the evening though, right? :)

  2. "Cuddles, blogging and dark chocolate with raw almonds," yeah, that's one great combo! (Especially with hubby gone--I'm with ya on the *sigh*

  3. Oh no! Hope kitty can redeem herself today!

  4. At least it wasn't Jasmine on the dresser :)

  5. That's what happens when you mix a cat and primer together. Yikes! Well, I must say she seemed to handle it better than my cat would have. My cat, Peanut, has never seen a tub of water...although, he does like knocking over cups with water/soda in them while sitting on my coffee table. Of course his paws stay dry and I have a mess to clean up. Gotta love cats!! :o)

    Your fellow Texan,

  6. Oh Bella. Someday maybe you'll laugh about it? Or maybe just have some more dark chocolate and raw almonds! :)

  7. That's going to be an interesting looking dresser!
    Cats creep me out...their eyes are just evil looking. :)

  8. I would have flipped out, but what a great photo! Good for you for stopping to capture it :)


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