Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the post in which i get all opinionated

Typically, I'm more of a 'go-with-the-flow' kinda gal.  Really.  I don't have strong opinions on many issues.  Unless I do.  Follow? ;)

Things like... What's your favorite flower?  {I like them all.  Even pretty weeds.  My girls make some of the best mommy-bouquets ever.}  Favorite restaurant?  {Same problem.  I can pick something anywhere we go.  I think.  I haven't tried them all.}  Favorite song?  {Same.}  Favorite color? {How can anyone pick just one?}  Noticing a pattern?

But those are superficial issues.

I can't bring myself to watch the news because it makes my blood pressure go up... or too terrified to leave the house.  So, instead, I read my news via iPhone apps.  Different, yes?

{denial much?}

And as you may have guessed... I get the sudden urge to 'hunker down' my girls, secure them in bubble wrap, and plug their ears from any evil lurking out there.  But, unfortunately, that's not an option in our house.  Have you seen the mom-taxi vlogs??

So, instead, I form opinions.


A few articles that caught my attention today {yes, there were more}:

Homeschooling.  Yay! for attention being brought to the forefront that many are choosing this journey of education.  Boo! for the fact that 'socializing' has to be brought into the article.  Can't we just. get. past. the myth that homeschoolers are anti-social recluses??  And what excuse would they use for some of America's non-homeschooled children?  Ouch.  Moving on.

*  An Austin, TX man was charged with bringing a 14 year old girl, and her older sister, to the Superbowl for prostitution.  I simply can.not. wrap my brain around this.   At. all.

*  If you missed the first performance of our national anthem {as I did},  sung by Christina Aguilera at the Superbowl, you will get another chance.  She'll be singing it again for the Brooklyn Cyclones.  A minor league baseball team.  Just a little fyi.  This is important news, you know.  Who's ready for baseball?? :)

Canadian dog sled slaughter.  This should be illegal.  There is an investigation... but, oh my furry-friend-heart.  To think that the inhumane actions of someone on the Mush for PRIDE {Providing Responsible Information on Dogs} board had anything to do with this inhumane act is deplorable.  *sigh*  He is {now} no longer on the board.  But still.

War widows forced to marry to collect full insurance benefits??  Crazy!!!!!


*  What do you think of atheists forming a club at school?   My take?  There have been a number of 'religious' clubs at schools over the years and, frankly, I'd rather the government only exercise censorship if it were indeed harming someone.  The more control we give the government, the less say we will have regarding our own beliefs.
This is why I don't advocate tax help where homeschool is concerned.  I'd like to keep all of my homeschool freedoms.  Thank you.


*  Glee.  No link needed here.  Seems everyone knows or has at least heard of the Glee-craziness.  If you watched the Superbowl, you were bombarded with many advertisements.  I admit it... I've caved and watched a few episodes.  In my opinion, the moral bar on this show is subzero.  The music is great.  I'll give you that.  But the storyline??  *wrapping my girls in bubble wrap*

Don't even get me started on some of the recent photo shoots some of the Glee cast has had.  Have we forgotten they're representing high-school-aged girls on their show?!  The word 'inappropriate' comes to mind.  Oi.


Bella has opinions, too.  She thinks Jasmine has had far too much camera time.

She hopes you enjoyed her photo-shoot.  If not, she has been known to bite.  But she's getting better about that.

I'm off to avoid any other news stories today.  Unless it's about snow. Of which we've had none.

Wow.  Did you make it to the end of this one??



  1. Ha! As I read this, I am at work and my girls are here with friends hanging out at a table, doing their Teaching Textbooks while their friends do their homework...and really they are actually all just, unsocialized?? I think not.

    As far as the prostitution...what the bleep??? This kind of thing makes me crazier than anything else. I agree. Bubble wrap. Never leave the house.

  2. I did make it to the end! You have a very pretty kitty. And I would have to just say, "Yep, I agree," to all your opinions. I knew there was a reason I liked you! : )

  3. I am sitting here reading and nodding my head in agreement to your post and then I get to the Bachelor and laugh out loud and then really laugh out loud reading Bella's thoughts!! You crack me up! Scary enough we think a lot a like and I am also pretty sure the other animals in our household get equally upset about their camera time to Higgins camera time!!

  4. I'm thinking your Hubs needs to come up here for work, and bring you girls with him. I think you and I could have so much fun NOT watching the news together, and of course, shopping. :) Oh the shopping!!! Just not in the winter. You know me and germs. :)

  5. I mostly agree too (which surprises me because I'm usually a little more liberal than most of my Project 365 friends). But you make logical sense to me.

    Frankly, since I was a nerd & mostly wanted to be left alone in school, I think your girls are WAY more socialized than I was :)

  6. I totally agree with what you are saying and feeling. I have an 18 year-old and a 15-year-old and I still want to bubble wrap them.
    I avoid the news as much as possible so I never really know what's going on.
    Let me just say, "I'm right there with you"


  7. yea, I try to stay away from the news if I can. did you hear about the school board in MI that has allowed a TWELVE YEAR OLD boy carry a DAGGER to school because of religious reasons?!!! oh my word.

    I did love Bella's photo shoot!!!

  8. I have to say you have one good cat to sit through the photo shoot lol...I agree with all you said, I am bubble wrapping too! Its sad to see what the world and society have came too...Love your blog!

  9. i made it to the end!

    love bella!

    i MUST be bubbled wrapped! i seriously don't know what GLEE is or who Michelle is!


    (we had icey snow today!)

  10. As the saying goes- the news is the only thing that begins with 'Good evening', then proceeds to tell you why it's not.

    Frankly, the pervy wanker who brought those girls to the Superbowl should be shot. I form opinions, too. Mine is that anyone who abuses a child is expendable. He should get bumped to front of the useless line.

    The sled dogs is just heartbreaking. We adore our pets and do charity work for animal groups. I'm not a PETA maniac by any means, but darn, how can you just slaughter dogs for the sake of slaughtering dogs? Put these winners at the head of the 'useless line', too.

    Glee is not allowed in my house, most teen/tween audience shows aren't. I don't agree with television that promotes the parents being portrayed as stupid/gullible, co-dependant, or in need of parenting/second guessing.


  11. I'm bubble wrapped too. Maybe that explains why my clothes feel tight? :)

    I KNOW what some of these things are that you are talking about b/c my Facebook friends write a lot of posts about television. But we don't have it anymore so I am way out of the loop.

    And I don't have an Iphone.

    And also I realize I don't miss the news at all.

  12. bubble wrap. LOVE IT!

    No glee here and I am generally appalled when I do hear people watch it-- but again that is only my opinion! :)

    superbowl--- I have no words.

    Dogs- again no words.

    Bachelor- never watched it, have no desire really--- GIVE me a Biggest Loser, maybe a season of American Idol I go do it... marrying off people on a show is a no go for me

    tax breaks for home schoolers- AMEN, and AMEN.. I always want to SHOUT at home schoolers who advocate for that! I admit, I think bad thoughts!

    socialization--- again AMEN!

    clubs at school-- form whatever you want, I am for freedom of speech and relegion! AMEN!

    cat photo shoots-- well I just thought your cat was shy or uppity! Jasmine does get WAY more face time-- lets keep it fair okay!

  13. A good read!
    I usually catch the news on my phone, too. It's so easy and definitely helps keeps the kids out of it!
    *As a teacher that checks homeschool students (because our state requires it), I'd have to say more often than not, academics are what concern me--not socialization. While I see many top-notch families, there are those few that don't see the importance of good education and my heart breaks for their children...just my heart today.
    *Glee--yikes! We're musicy people and loved the first few shows, but yowza, totally inappropriate in the lack of values, morals, and agendas being pushed. Give me the fun songs and drop the story line!
    Fun read! Keep dishing your opinions!

  14. My motto is, be opinionated about the important stuff. Ok, not really my motto, but for real. Way more important to have opinions about what matters than on flowers and movies :)

    Glee. Ugh. I was so pumped when it came on because I loved the music but couldn't stomach even the first couple of episodes. Andknowing that the moral bar on new shows typically dips the more popular they become...yeah. Not watching that in our house.

  15. To you my friend, I say Amen and Amen! I will meet you at an office supply soon to pick up the bubble wrap. ;)

  16. LOVE your opinions! And yes, MICHELLE has GOT to go!!! Although, I highly agreed with your other, more important opinions too. ;)


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