Friday, February 11, 2011

conversation through a window

I worked-out today.  As in, exercise.  I know.  Kinda shocking.  Hard cardio.  40 minutes.  Elliptical.  Varying resistances and speeds.

The last time was a week and a half ago. 

I was breathing heavy... during my warm-up.

There's a {sweet} older gentleman who often tells me that he has had the search party out looking for me.  He misses me.  He's just a southern gentleman.

Sometimes, I miss my days of running.  It was easier to stay committed to exercise then.  People were running all around me today.  {jealous much?}  There was the expected New Year's crowd.  I broke a sweat, to prove myself to the rest of the room.

And I must tell you, my iPod dilemma has long been resolved.  I just made your day, huh?  I get bored with songs, sometimes needing to change them mid-way.  Enter... Pandora.  Thank you, iPhone, for the free app!

Endorphins were pumping.  I wiped my two beads of sweat and realized I was faced with two choices.  The girls were not finished with dance class, so I had a few more minutes.  Do I go home and try to shower quickly... or run through Starbucks with Jasmine and enjoy a quiet moment in the parking lot?

Hahhh... Door #2 just sounds much more inviting, yes?


Him:  "Welcome to Starbucks.  May I take your order?"  {something like that}

Me:  "Yes... I'd like a grande, chai tea latte', non-fat, extra-hot, with one pump of sugar-free hazelnut, please."

{i waited for the typical reaction.  questions.  it seems our order is a bit too customized for many.  it would be for me.}

Him:  "What size did you want again?"

Me:  "Grande."

Him:  "Okay.  So you wanted a vente, chai tea, with lots of fat, ice-cold, and lots of syrupy sugar?"

Me:  *giggle*  "You got it!"

I pulled up to the window and everyone was laughing.  Including me.

He took one look at Jasmine and offered puppy foam before I could mutter one syllable.

Everyone took their turn, peering through the drive-through window, to peek at Jasmine.  She wondered why all of these strangers were looking at and talking to her.  She began to shake.  She's nervous like that.

I was once pulled over by a young, female officer.  Jasmine growled at her from the moment I rolled down my window.  Picking up my vibes, I'm sure.   *giggle*  The officer positioned herself out of Jasmine's line of view.  *giggle*

She's not nervous when it counts.

For the first time, she was too nervous to drink her puppy foam in front of these strangers.

Starbucks man and I shared more conversation and laughs, then I pulled away.  There's something about someone's genuine smile that puts a little pep in your step.

I pulled in the parking lot, waiting on the girls to finish dance.  Jasmine drank her milk and was especially excited to finish my foam.  She likes hazelnut, too.

Then, I noticed this work of art on Jasmine's cup.


They are not only friendly, but artists, too!

Then, I played my turn on Words with Friends with hubs.  We both use  We're both okay with that. 

Door #2 served me well... and confirmed that my Starbucks addiction is back, as well as Jasmine's.  And that our pets have almost taken over this family blog.  {i should be writing syrupy valentine posts.}  And that it's hard to write a blog while watching HGTV {which house will they pick?  i would pick #2!  how do people afford these international vacation homes? i'd love to win the dream home.  'selling in new york' is just craziness.  how do people afford this stuff?}. 

Husband needs to come home.  His business trips are aging me.   #mamaneedsmoresleep  #hipsneedlesschocolate   He will be here soon.  I should introduce him to Starbucks man. 


  1. I won't tell you how long since I ran on the treadmill. In my defense i did something to my knee two weeks ago so I'm being careful and just walking. I'm hoping whatever it is will go away without me needing a dr but I'm beginning to wonder.

    Love that Starbucks story...isn't it so true how the smallest kindness can make your day 1000 times better?

  2. Awwww....Starbuck adventure with Jasmine was the best. How sweet!

    We have NO Starbucks near us, the closest is roughly 40 miles away. Your addiction would dry up here, or else you'd have more miles on you than a Goodyear tire. :/

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I have not had my coffee yet this morning... Thinking I need to run to Starbucks! ; )

  4. Since I don't drink coffee, and the smell of Starbucks literally makes me sick my stomach, what exactly is puppy foam??

  5. I love when sales people in general have a geniune smile. I love when they make me laugh. It MAKES my day.

    Is your mattress helping with the not sleeping or just no husband sleeping is happening!

    sounds like a good day, minus the two beads of sweat.. I mean who wants to sweat!

  6. You make me smile! What great Starbucks people you've got! My hubby gets back tomorrow night. I hope you don't have too much longer before you get yours back. Happy Friday!

  7. I want to visit your Starbucks! How funny! (I left out wanting to visit your gym excuses. baby, maybe?)
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Carrie wants to know about your sleeping b/c she ISN'T!!!

    THank you JEn....what is Puppy Foam? I do not Starbucks.

    I also do not work out but that is another story...

  9. many of our church kids work at starbucks and it took me a while to realize they can see you but you can't see them! Several of those kids had fun with me!! :)

  10. What a great story - love Jasmine's cup. :)

  11. Treadmill? What's a treadmill? ;) Great post by the way!

  12. OK a) your starbucks drink is as customed as mine...b) LOVE that show on HGTV (but I do think often what is they don't like ANY of the houses I think I looked at a dozen or so before we picked one.) and c)I totally read that website as WINEverygame...ha ha.

    BTW's if you need another WWF partner I am diva1969

  13. I'm watching House Hunters right now. I don't understand how these people can afford such expensive vacation homes, either. They must be in debt to their eyeballs.
    Once you get to know the Starbucks baristas, it feels like "Cheers", doesn't it?

  14. I love, love, love that kind of sarcasm!!!! reminds me of my college boyfriend...who would never have made it as my husband but we were always so super sarcastic to each other and we both just "got it" from day one!

  15. I love that Jasmine gets not only her foam, but a decorated cup to boot!
    Good for you and the eliptical! You keep it up woman!!

  16. 40 minutes on the elliptical?? That's impressive. Keep up the great work. Your SBux adventures are always entertaining. Blessings, SusanD

  17. ha ha ha!! I love love the doggy art! Our starbucks must be WAY to busy to do that... I have never seen that... though I have had lookers with Merlin!~! =) usually our nearest starbucks is super busy... thus ... no puppy foam or art! but they are funny... Latte makers are always funny! I love that!!


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