Monday, December 20, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 51

This has been another marathon week.  No, really.  I'm pretty sure this is how a marathon runner feels after a crazy-long run.  Or when old age starts to creep in.

Ummmm... Let's go with the marathon theory, shall we? ;)  Lots of pix here, but only the tip of the iceberg.

We started the week attempting family pix for Christmas cards.  I know.  We're runnin' late this year.  It went something like this...

See what I mean?

With hubs in and out of town, we had to take advantage of this day.  The warm day turned cold quickly.  So coordinating outfits went out the window.   We opted for the lil' Eskimo look instead.

Cold + Windy + Very windy + camera on tripod + you see where I'm going with this = camera falling.

On concrete.

Sadly, I couldn't get to it in time.  The lens we use the most bit the dust, as well as the diffuser on my flash.  THANKFULLY, other than a few scratches, the body seems to be okay.  The little pieces that flew off were able to be reassembled and the photo shoot continued.  Speaks well for the Nikon, yes?

I have another great lens, but it doesn't focus if standing at a close distance.  Can be a bit challenging when the girls are sitting right next to me. ;)

There was a dentist appointment for Gracie.  A filling literally crumbled out of her mouth on Saturday as we were flossing.  Crazy.  It had nothing to do with the following...

There were errands for book exchanges, dance garments, and supplies for meals and treats to be made for parties/gifts.  It's homemade caramel popcorn time again.  Yummo!

A shopping date with hubs to find gifts for the girls.  Long gone are the days in which we could hide items in the buggy while they walk with us.  Talking in code doesn't even work anymore.

When Dad leaves for a quick trip to Dallas, there's nothing better than a sleigh ride for distraction.  Riding on hay through the community, we gals joined others in singing carols.  We have some impressive Christmas lights in our community.  Fun.  :)

After all that excitement, we put our footie pj's on and caught up on the Biggest Loser finale... while eating lil' bags of caramel popcorn I set aside.  It would have been cruel to smell such yumminess the day before without indulging, yes?  Oh... and the footie pj's?  Hubs and the girls bought mine for my birthday.  I couldn't figure that one out either.  ha.  We lowered the temp in the house and I put them on to be funny, but actually thought they were quite comfy.  We all had to change before bedtime though.  Too hot.

Due to snow these past few years, the girls have been wondering when it will happen this year.  They don't realize what a rarity snow really is around here.  We're hitting record highs this year.  One can hope, right?

I know... this is where all the northern folks offer to send us some.  Our girls would thank you. ;)

We met our homeschool group for a yummy Christmas spread, book exchange, and craft.  {decorating lil' gingerbread houses with graham crackers}  We brought lasagna and brownies.  I know it's not traditional, but sometimes you have to bring what kids will eat. ;)

They had a great time!

Then there were the dance class parties.

Ballet...  Jazz...  Tap... and Hip-hop.   It was like the energizer bunny of parties.

And because I think I'm the energizer mommy... or completely insane, I also rented a carpet cleaner for two days, while DK was out of town.  So... we walked around the house in these ever-so-fashionable-shoes.  Jasmine even got a bath outside to make sure she didn't get the carpet dirty, too.  :)

Hubs made it back in time to attend Gracie's holiday dance competition performance.  Girlie-mom-exhausting-fun. :)

Curtain call.  That would be our little elf shouting, "Merry Christmas, Dudes!"  She is her father's daughter.  :)

Nator was involved in piano lessons and her first piano performance.  Her teachers {and parents, of course} were so proud of her!!  :)

Does Santa ride through your city on a firetruck?  Cool, yes? ;)

We ended our crazy week with having friends over to share a yummy dinner.  We love 'real' people... and they're sweet, too!   A great way to end the week!

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  1. you have been busy! love the footie pjs :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Cute footie pjs! Cute pics of the girls as usual - but I LOVE the first one of the family. Heh. I saw that penguin wrapping paper...

  3. I would go with that family shot! More typical of what your lifelooks like, yes?
    Love your sock monkey jammies!! Too warm...come visit me. :)
    Maybe if we wore those clever shoes all of the time we would never have to clean the carpet.
    Great shots of the girls and their parties. They look so very happy!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and no marathons this week!!

  4. Holy moly! What a crazy busy week. Loaded with fun. Parties. Homemade goodies. Friends. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  5. You always have such wonderful photos!
    Sorry about the lens, but great that the camera is working!
    Loving the footsie jammies! Especially the sock monkeys!! Love it!
    Great dance photos. A week full of memories, what a treasure!

  6. wow....that made me tired just reading it!

    And I think I can smell the caramel popcorn over here.....too bad we live so far from each other? However, if alyssa ends up there next year...?? :)

  7. I used to love footie pajamas, but since we don't live where they are practical my children hate them.

    What a busy week you did have. Hope it slows down a bit for you this Christmas week!

  8. I agree with your marathon analogy -- I'm exhausted just reading about all you did! LOL

    Great photo recap though :) Enjoyed seeing all your activities.

    Now I need to go take a nap.

  9. Another busy week! Love the footie pj's; even though it's been cold here, they probably still would've been too hot inside! :D

  10. LoVE the dance photos! such cute girls...have a merry Christmas!


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