Monday, December 13, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 50

It was my birthday.  Did I tell you? ;)   We celebrated by hanging lights for the big day.  Ha.

I kid.  Hubs surprised me by taking us out to dinner to meet friends.  Totally unexpected. 
Me = Clueless.  We had a great time with them at the Boardwalk.  Good memories.

Icicle lights were the best thing to happen to outdoor Christmas decor.  They are very forgiving if not hung perfectly straight.  Agree?

Then we brought hubs to the airport on Monday.  {insert tears}

We enjoyed the new Pirate exhibit/class at the Museum and then a science class.   From there, we went to our local Lego store to make a free mini Christmas tree.

With all that runnin' in the big city, all I can say is... Thank. God. For. G.P.S.  Amen.   Oh, AND a quick call to hubby while he was out of town... or country helps, too.

Hub's cell pic view from the hotel.  Crazy, yes?  From there, he went to Calgary.  Yes, as in Canada. He's all over the map these days.  :)

Our romantic-long-distance-phone call went like this:
Hubs:  "Hello?'
Me:  "Hey, do I take this exit... or this exit?  And I need to know.... ummm... now."  {something like that}
Hubs:  "Yes, take this exit."
Me:  "Thanks.  My GPS didn't recognize the address.  Oh, and I'm using my iPhone to navigate, so I have to go.  Love you!"
Hubs: "Love you, too."

We sweet-talk each other like that.

 We stood in line for nearly an hour.  Impressive Christmas figures, yes?  Oi.

We enjoyed a kid's Christmas show.  The girls received autographs, but only wanted their picture taken with the main character.  ;)

We picked Daddy up on Saturday.  He came bearing gifts. ;)  A sweet lady gifted these gloves to hubs for the girls.  Do you recognize them from the Winter Olympics?  Sweet, yes?  Until you start boxing with them.

The first thing we did when returning home with Daddy?  Took a little family trip down to Starbucks for Mom & Dad to get a chai tea.  Yes, I held out as long as I could.  The colder weather and Starbucks just go together.  Sorry.  Then a quick view of Christmas lights.   Jasmine remembered Starbucks, too.  She was excited to get her warm puppy foam.  ha.   Jasmine + milk mouth = *giggles*.

Sippin' hot tea + viewing Christmas lights from the cozy car =  warm fuzzy Christmas memories.

We have loads of things planned this week, too.  If only I can remember to take pictures of it all.  And I forgot to mention the piano and 6 dance lessons this week.  My head is spinning.  And not just from the slight vertigo that's come back this week.  ;)

I'll be visiting you soon!

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  1. I wanted those mittens soooo bad. I bet they would be super warm. Did you get any outdoor pics, with all the lights?

  2. That first picture of the girls with the gloves is cute enough for a Christmas card. Except for that part about the gloves saying Canada on them :)

  3. I'm so glad you clarified that only the hubs was in the Lou. I would have been crushed if you had been that close and I missed seeing you. I feel better. whew. Love those red gloves. Thanks for sharing. Have a fabulous week. Blessings, SusanD

  4. Love the mittens picture! Very sweet! lol

    So my hubby and I aren't the only ones who have those really intimate and sweet telephone conversations?! lol

    Have a glorious week!

  5. so glad you had a great birthday!!!

    and I hope your husbands travel slows down a bit for the rest of the holidays!!!

  6. I agree - lovin' those mittens! What a fun gift!

  7. I'm super jealous of the mittens! I wanted a pair when I saw them during the Olympics.

    Perhaps your hubs and my hubs have crossed paths on an airplane somewhere and didn't even know it : )

  8. You do an amazing job taking photos! They're so good. Of course, you have great material to work with :) Those girls of yours are super cute. And you will so appreciate being able to look back and remember everything you did this year!
    Have a great week!

  9. You make me smile with your navigation.
    Love the lego trees and those mittens!

  10. Now you need a picture of the lights at night so we can see your handiwork!
    I love the girls and the gloves...very fun.
    You know, you and DK should try to keep that sweet talking a little more family friendly! HA!! :)
    I am not a coffee (or tea) drinker but I love the smell of Starbucks.
    Have a super week!

  11. You are a brave mama to keep such a fun, busy schedule with your husband out of town! Hopefully it makes the time go faster! Iphone navigation is a lifesaver! The lego trees--so cute! And love those cozy mittens!

  12. Hey... Happy Birthday!! I had the big 40 earlier in the month! yikes! ;)

    Love the lego trees... even if they did take you an hour to get! hehe!

    My hubby is Canadian... so my kids are 1/2 and 1/2 ... ha ha!~ ahem!
    anywho... we got mittens from the grandparents similar to those last year!

    Hope the hubby is home and you are enjoying more family fun for the holidays!

  13. Those mittens are super cool! Your girls sport them well!


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