Thursday, December 9, 2010


It was my birthday, but life has not slowed enough for me to sit and write.  Or even to prepare you... you know, so that you could have lavished me with birthday gifts galore. 

I kid.  

So, I'm pushing pause on a moment that should be used for catching up on housework to write 37 things I'm thankful for today.  I would write 37 goals for the coming year {or would it be 38?}, but that just sounds like a 'to-do' list.  There are plenty of those floating around our home right now.  That's what happens when your birthday has Thanksgiving and Christmas as bookends.

In no particular order, my list of 37 things I'm thankful for today...

 1.  Celebrating my birthday with Christmas lights.  Every year.
 2.  Being blessed with 2 little kids to help the big kids decorate.
 3.  Having a birthday with cooler weather.  Amen.
 4.  Live holiday tunes in the house, thanks to our little Nator on the piano.
 5.  Watching my baby girl dance and twirl around the kitchen.
 6.  The color red.
 7.  And turquoise.
 8.  Pictures.
 9.  Homeschool.

10.  Friends.
11.  My hubby!

12.  Time captured with him.
13.  And his thoughtfulness to plan a birthday dinner with friends in advance since we had to bring him to the airport on my actual birthday.

14.  Starbucks splurge.
15.  With no guilt.

16.  Gracie's laugh.. and spirit.
17.  And the fact that her 2nd front tooth finally cut through!

18.  A-Nator's sweet smile... and heart.
19.  My girls wanting to spend time with their mama.

20.  The joy of seeing our girls learn.
21.  Having the best of friends who are always a few years older.
22.  Realizing they thought you were much younger than you actually are.
23.  Pumpkin cheesecake shared with little ones to celebrate.  Well, one of them.  I question whether or not the other girl is my daughter due to her refusal to share in this indulgence.  Again, I kid.
24.  Activities that keep us busy while Dad is out of town... or country.  Calgary, to be exact.
25.  Hub's job, which allows me to fulfill my dream of being a SAHM.
26.  Christmas trees lit up during our girlie movie nights.
27.  Health.
28.  GPS and iPhone navigation.  Yes, sometimes it takes both in the big city.
29.  Thankful I'm not where I was when I was 29... in every way.
30.  Silly, care-free moments.

31.  Fashion through the eyes of a child.
32.  Hopeful plans of traveling with hubs to Alaska next year.  {insert giddy jump up and down giggles}
33.  Living in the 'season of childhood' with our girls.
34.  Hair color.  Amen.

35.  Christmas around the corner.
36.  Blueberry pancakes for breakfast.
37.  iPhone 4 from hubs. 

This list could go on, but I'm not of age... yet.  ;)

Off to start another load of laundry before running the mom-taxi.  It never ends.  That's just the season of life I'm in... at 37.


  1. Happy happy birthday! You do look pretty darn young for your age :)

  2. Happy Belated birthday!! It looks like it was perfect!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like you are very blessed.

  4. Happy Birthday! You look young and you ARE young : ) Ahh, 37...a wonderful age to be. Enjoy!

  5. You don't look a day over 29. :) Seriously. Glad you had a great birthday. BTW, Sassy got Gracie's letter today. She was super excited and started writting back tonight. :)

  6. Happy Birthday! 37 looks FAB on you!

  7. Happy birthday! What a great list; y'all are just so cute!

  8. What a wonderful list full of magic, gratitude, and heart. You can feel how much you love your life just popping off the page. Happy happy HAPPY birthday! I'm glad it was fabulous :)

  9. Well beautiful lady, we share a birthday! So, from one birthday girl to another- hope the day was magical and sweet and that this year is full of life changing moments that someday you will look back on and relish in.


  10. happy birthday! I loved your list of fav things! :) splurging on startbucks, pumpkin cheesecake, blueberry pancakes... it all sounds so yum! :) enjoy!

  11. Oh....Happy Birthday Gal. Looks like you celebrated in lavish fashion. Love your thankful list. Thanks for sharing all the pics. Blessings, SusanD

  12. Happy birthday sweet one!! Welcome to 37! I will be departing into the land of 38 soon. :)
    Here's a thankful from me...
    Thankful I met you!!

  13. happy birthday!! loved looking over your list of favorite things :D

    for some reason, i thought you were younger, like early 30's .... turns out where the same age....we'll i'm older by 5 months :D

  14. Happy Birthday! Loved the list!

  15. AW. Sweet! Happy Birthday, my friend!

    37 = Awesome!


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