Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 44

What a week!  I think I'm still in denial that October is officially over.  How did that happen?!  November already?  Wowzers.  They say time speeds up with age.  I'm in trouble.  Just sayin'.

Our week started something like this.  Warm-Texas-sized wind.  Our third canopy bit the dust.  I think it might be our last, until we can build something more permanent. 

Try not to be jealous of my flowers.  Mkay?  Mums have been on the to-do list.  No deck to enjoy them from = no mums, I'm sure.  Boo.

Spoiled much?  Jasmine likes being homeschooled, too.

Which would cause this?
a) My inability to get in and out of a car, while parked.
b) My quick trip home to make a lasagna while girls are in theater, letting a 50 lb-overexcited dog out of her kennel, alone... without a leash.
c) My inability to cook without injury.

Considering the above question, I decided it was time Jasmine walked 3 miles.  The weather was perfect!  I only wish we had the fall-colored leaves I see in so many other blogs.   Our trees are still quite green.

The girls had to dress up for their theater costume party.  Of course, this meant that Nator had to go to a piano lesson as Alice in Wonderland.  The wig {nor the fact that her roots were showing} didn't slow her down.  Gracie was sportin' some hot-pink highlights {not sure why it looks red in all the pix}.

If the world thought like Nator, it would be a much better place.  Seriously.  She has a big heart, y'all.  She says that we all have this place in our brains that tells us we can do it.  A personal cheerleader of sorts.  That's our Nator.  Always cheering everyone on. 

I spared you the picture they had me draw of Jasmine wearing a tutu.  You're welcome.  Ha.

A quick run in the pet store for animal food is never quick when these littles want to visit the birds and the hamsters.  As much as Gracie batted her beautiful brown eyes, I must say no {she's been wanting a hamster for a long time}.  Two furry pets is enough, thank you.  Besides, Jasmine was acting as though she wanted to 'play' with them, too.  Not good.

We ended our week with a quick, spontaneous trip to the beach.   Nator's handwriting.  ;)

This was my favorite picture. 

Is it weird that fall is my favorite time to go to the beach?  Love. it.  Next time, I want to bring my chair and curl up with a good book.  Sigh.

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  1. Oh my word-that looks painful!

    I don't think its weird that you like the beach in fall. In my opinion anytime of year is a good time for the beach.

  2. Geez, Girl, you need to be careful. You looke like Sassy did when her brother ran her over with his bike, on accident. Only it was up and down her BACK!!

    Even though I'm an indoor kinda girl who hates beaches, the idea of going to one while everyone else is freezing, is quite enjoyable. I am a bit jealous.

  3. Love those costumes - they're too cute! I don't think I had noticed befoer that Gracie's is that long.

    Wish I lived near a beach. Sigh.

  4. Can I just tell you how jealous I am that the trees in your area are still green? Our trees already look bare and that always makes me a little sad :(

  5. We had some crazy weather on Tuesday: tornado warnings, even. Weird.
    I like going to the beach in winter, but I totally agree with Joyce!

  6. Your girls look absolutely adorable in their costumes! Lovin' the "Alice" theme. :) And seriously... the beach in NOVEMBER?! I am SO jealous.

  7. WOO HOO for the beach! Nothing like a little sand between your toes!

  8. ouch. Adorable costume sporting smiling young ladies! FUN beach trip... I WISH the beach was wonderful in the Fall here!! and that it was less than a 1 1/2 hour drive... and really a GOOD beach is 3 hours away... ANYWAY... having Fall colors means you have to take the bad weather with it... RAIN, wind, COLD... flooding... ALL of it!! ;) see .. aren't you glad it is green where you are now?!

  9. Oh my, what a week indeed! Between the canopy and the dog scratches alone I would not be a happy camper. Love the pics of the girlies in costume! Too adorable!!

  10. So I am guessing Jasmine was a little over zealous with you. That picture of you walking her is funny, she looks like a horse.
    Love the girls costumes.
    Oh can Nator please place one of those cheerleaders in my brain? It would help oh so much!!
    The picture of the girls at the beach is fantastic!! With our cooler temps that looks very inviting.
    Have a super week!!

  11. Great week. Ouch on those doggy scratches. and cute costumes for the girls and wowsers on that wind...not fun for sure.


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