Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who says {reality} TV isn't educational?

Me:  "...and this word is philanthropist. 'Phil' meaning 'love', and 'anthropy' meaning 'of human beings.'"
Gracie:  "Is that 'fist' or 'pist'?"
Me:  "It's philanthropist with a p, yes."
Nator:  "Yeah, I think 'pist' is a bad word."
Me:  "How did you know that?"
Gracie:  "What?  'Pist?'"
Nator:  "I don't know... I think 'The Biggest Loser.'"
Gracie:  "What does 'pist' mean?"
Me:  "Yes, well, it's not a nice word.  It's something unintelligent people say when they're upset and can't think of anything more... intelligent to say."  :-/

Thanks, Jillian.  I will be more focused on my penmanship when writing on the whiteboard from now on.


  1. Ha-kids do have a way of keeping us on our toes, right?

  2. ahaha! Can't get anything past those girls.

    Loved the pics from Monday.

    Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  3. Lol, gotta love Jillian and her potty mouth! Loved your explaination of "pist"!

  4. Ah, you handled it beautifully :) And hey, at least Nator recognized it as a bad word, instead of having one of the dreaded parenting moments where she tries it out... in front of A LOT of people ;)

  5. these kiddos see/hear it all don't they!!? she's witty and smart and I don't think she got that from a reality show. ;o)

  6. Ha! That is so funny! Aren't you glad they don't watch Real Housewives?

  7. we have had a few of those conversations... so funny... I should tell one on my blog... the best one! ha ha! we don't do reality tv much... that is one good reason to keep it that way... ha ha! =)

  8. Oh my goodness! That is funny. You did handle it well.

  9. love it!! and she is most definitely right ;)

  10. Ahh, kids pay attention to everything!It's pretty cute that she knew it was a bad word but they didn't really know what it meant.Good for you!I can;t even say freak without my girls becoming the bad word police on me:)LOL

  11. OMgosh what a conversation. Such smart girls. Such big words too.

  12. That's hilarious! Nice answer! You handled it dreamingly!


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