Sunday, September 12, 2010

Project 365 - Week 37

I can hardly believe that a week ago, we were in Louisiana, picking up our girls from Granny's house.  Now, we are on the verge of our fall schedule. Piano, dance, library trips, 'school'...  We will soon add theater to the mix.  I know.  If I ever ask why our schedule is so crazy, I should direct myself to the mirror.

We don't complain much.  These girlies keep it interesting.  ;)

I forgot to mention that the girls made these before they went to their Granny's house.  They're still there.  Gracie made the first one, Nator the second.  I'm pretty sure the "I think" goes with the 4th line. ;)

I haven't had the heart to erase them, or pick them up.  At least I have the pictures now. ;)

This was our view during the last full day at Granny's.  I'll share what we were doing soon.  It doesN'T involve riding horses.  ;)

Good-byes are hard.  A few tears shed, but they were glad to be home, too.  I've told them that it will be mom's turn to get spoiled at Granny's next time.  ;)

The girls were thrilled to start this canvas idea.  {Thanks, Londa!} Gracie knows mama likes hand-prints.  Little hand-prints make the best keepsakes, yes?  And can you tell that Nator loves Tinkerbell?  :)

Piano lessons.  Nator lit up ear to ear when she was told she's learning a song that most students don't learn till 9 months in. 

Dance lessons.  Did I happen to mention that I scheduled 3 classes in a row?  Nator is taking only 2 of the 3, but they are both thrilled.  Me?  Looking in the mirror now. ;)

I was told her ability to stretch like this was a sign of good hips.  Still.  It makes me giggle.  Reminds me of those turkey legs people eat at the Texas Rodeo.

I'm pretty sure we were low-riding all the way home from the weight of our library-jam-packed-backpacks.  Maybe if I cranked up my music, it would have made the mom-taxi look younger and hipper, yes? ;)  I love that they get so excited about books.

And Gracie has another dance lesson.  {I know.  Looking in the mirror again.}  They were so excited to see friends from last year's dance and friends from scouts they thought they wouldn't see.  We're not in scouts this year.  We had to cut something. :)

Still a bit too much sun around here... Bring on the cooler weather!!!

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  1. always fun to visit grandma's house!!!

    the canvases are GREAT!!! I love them!

    the picture of your dog is!!!! and then you had to mention turkey leg.....that made me lol!

    I love that my kids enjoy reading too. In fact, my youngest just got his first real the library!!

  2. LOVE that canvas idea! We are re-doing my daughter's bedroom for her 16th birthday in tiffany blue and black and white damask. We saw a LENGTHY quote by Audrey Hepburn that she wanted put on her wall with vinyl letters. That would cost a TON! But, we could buy a large canvas and do this! It would be amazing!!

  3. Love the pics this week. Your schedule is making me really tire - & glad I have a much calmer life!

    Re the mom-taxi - you have to remember to turn the bass up (or is it down?) - anyway it needs to boom a lot so it will be cooler. :)

  4. You beat me at posting this week. I absolutely love looking at your week. I am so glad your girlies love books, dance, and obviously their mom, dad, and granny.

    What a great week.

  5. Okay, it hurts just looking at the photo of the dog! lol
    I well remember jam-packed school years filled with lots of fun extras. But if you managed to line the classes up one after the other, good going! It always seemed we had such a scattered schedule so that every day we had something extra... would have been nice to get it all done on one or two days!
    Great photos -- but then your girls are super photogenic! :)

  6. Sounds like a crazy busy must be going around! lol Grandma's house is always so much fun and love their canvas creations. I was a dancer once upon a time and then I had 2 boys...sigh! Libraries are the best. Have a great week.

  7. We've had lots of cooler weather around here all summer long. Still I'll take it over the temps in the 100's.

    You do look busy, but I can't say that our lives are any calmer. So days I feel I barely keep afloat :)

    Great pics of your girls. I especially like the notes they left you while they were gone. So sweet.

  8. Those canvases turned out great! Those are still on our "to do" list. Looks like another fun week!

  9. My Jack Russell mutt does the same thing with her back legs; I had no idea that meant she has good hips, but it's a good thing to know!
    Glad the girls had a good time, and I'm sure they're excited about the new school year!

  10. Love all your pictures and commentary...I go from a lump in my throat from the sweetness to giggling out loud! I've never owned a dog...that stretching seriously cracks me up! My oh my!
    Love the art projects!!! Your girls are sweeties!

  11. That picture of your dog is hysterical.

  12. So glad the girls are home and had a great time with Granny!
    That horse shot is great...why weren't you riding?
    That picture of Jasmine is hilarious!!
    Does anything beat books? I mean, really?
    Maybe I will send you some fuzzy dice so you can really trick out your mom taxi!! :)


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