Monday, September 13, 2010

Granny Lovin'

I love you
From Heaven above
Since I was new
We fit like a glove

You are calm like a cat
You are sweet as sugar
You are not a doormat
And 'not' a booger

You're very thoughtful, loyal, and kind
When I'm with you, I have a great time
You are there when I need to unwind
Your love, will last longer than a lifetime  

~Nator, age 10

Granny's Poem
My Granny is kind and thoughtful
When she sleeps she snores a lotful

She is as beautiful as a rose
And she can't smell with her nose

I like to spend time with her
She's cuddly as my teddy's fur
She doesn't cost a dime
She kisses goodnight at bedtime
~Gracie, age 8


As someone who did not know the love of a grandmother as a child, I feel so blessed to have one of the best for our girls.  I simply enjoy watching my girls snuggle with their Granny.  :)

We love you, Granny!
Happy Grandparents Day!
{one day late, but that's how we roll}

What's your favorite grandparent memory? 


  1. Oh, I love this post. What a lovely woman she is!

    My favorite Grandparent memory would be when I lived with my Grandmother when I was fairly young and at night she would make me milkshakes and we would watch 'The Golden Girls'. She was a treasure.

    Thanks for the uplifting post, and the warm memories!

  2. Beautiful post! My children have both grandmas near. It really is a blessing to have them so close by. My children have developed such deep love for their grandparents.

  3. I'll bet Granny was relieved to learn that she is NOT a booger :)

  4. What sweet little poets you have! And what a lucky granny to have two beautiful poems written about her! :)

  5. What a special granny! I hope to be called "granny" someday--love it!
    My Grandma lived right next door to us out in the country. At night, I would yell "good-night" out my window and she would holler "good-night" back at me! We'd also sneak to her house if my mom made something yucky for supper! She'd fill us up with grape soda and ice cream! :)

  6. LOVE the poems! I didn't grow up around my grandparents either: my grandmother lived in Tx. and we only saw her once every other year; my other grandparents died before I was born. I love watching my boys with their grandparents, too. Someday they'll realize what a wonderful gift they were given!

  7. I miss my Granny! With tears splashing the keys and blurring the screen, I cannot write more. Blessings, SusanD


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