Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How do you know you're in Texas?

Only in Texas will you be greeted with this sign, yet welcomed with warm southern hospitality.  From the horse, named Vegas, to the numerous chickens...

unlocked door, welcome smile, and multiple dogs... eager to make your acquaintance, or bite you.  I'm not sure.  They are all organized in their nice-sized kennels, each waiting for their turn to have their bellies rubbed, I'm sure.

This would be the home of our dog sitter.  She tells us that Jasmine is one of the sweetest dogs.  Don't you just love it when someone pays your kid dog a compliment?  They come with good references, too.  Our chiropractor uses Mrs. S for all 5 of his large dogs.  Yes, five.  One just passed.  He had six.  

AND, I just learned that the dog that I fell in love with when we dropped off Jasmine, belonged to Andy Pettitte's family.  So purdy... and sue-eat!  Oh my.  I love that Mrs. S has met Cesar Millan, and follows his methods.  He knows his stuff, y'all.

Okay, enough talk about pets...

My girls are home, and we just finished a new canvas project and are now working on 'schoolwork'.  Right now, that means that Nator is cuddled on the sofa with Bella, a blanket, and a good book.  Perfect for this rainy day, yes?  Gracie is being cheered by cute animations on her computer with Teaching Textbooks math.  She's waiting on me to finish hauling our schoolbooks upstairs, in the loft.  Seems that is where they want 'school' to happen today.
Home from the bayous in Louisiana, the hum of everyminuteday girlie chatter, sibling rivalry love, snoring dog, and the meow of an attention seeking cat rings loud and clear, in Texas, once again!
Hahh... Texas.  
Home. Sweet. Home.


  1. So glad you had a wonderful vacay. Fun tidbits about Mrs. S and her borders. Love the chickens too. Thanks for sharing. Have a fabulous week. Blessings, SusanD

  2. HA! Love the sign! Only in Texas.

  3. Oh it's so nice when you have nice people to leave your dog with. Glad you're lovin' Texas! I've never been, but hope to someday!

  4. I have to admit I had to see who Andy Pettitte was. (Not into baseball...can you tell?)
    But Cesar....he's my hero!
    Glad you made it home safely. My parents are from Tx., so whenever we go (which isn't very often), I feel like I'm home. I guess I'm a Texan at heart!

  5. That sign. Ha! They're not beating around the bush.

  6. A great sign! stopping in from the Hip Homeschool Hop :)

  7. Makes me want to come visit Texas again and see more than the Alamo! :) (but not get shot!)
    Sounds like a wonderful day with your girls!!!

  8. My son would be so impressed with Andy Pettitte's family dog. I have never been to Texas, might just have to go there one of these days. Glad that your home is running smoothly today!!

  9. Welcome back home :o) Sounds like everyone, all around...(from your pretty girls, hubby and you and even Jasmine at Mrs. S :o) had fun!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you sooooo much for stopping over at my "Blue" post... I hope that I can get my violet one up! Our trip to see our kiddos was wonderful, but it went toooo quickly!...it's back to work and havent had time to do any blog stuff til now...


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