Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Besides Chocolate

Our Boardwalk extravaganza.  I know, it's all downhill after reading about yesterday's chocolate treasures.

We called friends to meet us, but they weren't up to the spontaneous challenge.  They wanted us to stop by their home, but we ended up staying at the boardwalk for several hours.  Doing what, you ask?

It's really not possible, in this season of life, to walk past a merry-go-round and 'not' ride it.  Daddy usually takes the girls on this ride... while mom takes video from down below.

While I'm not a fan of spinning in verticle circles, hubs is not a fan of heights, so I took my turn on the Ferris wheel with the girls.  Hubs waited for us with cool water.  Love him.

Don't let Gracie's expression fool you.  She was enjoying herself.  :)  They both had a blast.  On one side of the Ferris wheel, we can watch little ants... a.k.a. people, scurrying about.  On the other side, a sea of sailboats floating peacefully in the water.

After our cool drink, we enjoyed the cool zone {there should be a warning sign: "Due to cool-humid midst you could leave with 80's hair fashion"}...

...a lil' outdoor concert, shopping, the dancing fountain, watching a lil' fire juggling, and a train ride!

{I had a feeling -because music was playing- 
she was about to bust a move again, so I had the camera ready... 
Excuse my crazy laugh.  DK laughs at my laugh.}
We can have fun doing just about anything, but after all this excitement, we opted to take our sweaty, sticky selves home.  You're welcome, friends.

Nothing like a good stay-cation, filled with great memories, and your own bed! 

Next up?  The water park extravaganza!  And my dislike of water-proof, disposable cameras.


  1. Looks like a fantastic time! I love it that your daughter will start dancing in a store!!! I love it! :)

  2. Fun, fun, fun! Love Gracie's ferris wheel expression. Marvelous pic of you up there too!
    I love how you and DK tag team the rides! We do that too.
    I think 80's hair is a small price to pay to get cooled down!
    Maybe your new mantra should be, a family that laughs and busts a move together, stays together! :)

  3. I loved seeing your family photo-you all are so cute!

  4. kemah??? we really should meet someday! so close and I didn't know it. ;o)

  5. Your welcome and hey, hey, here's another free action for you if ya want it. I just downloaded it myself!

    What a fun time y'all had and these are are all lovely pictures of y'all too! You have a beautiful family, oh and love the retro lookin' pic of you, plus Gracie cuttin' loose was priceless! :)

  6. I CANNOT believe I missed a chocolate post! Had to go back and read that one first! Gosh, it looks like y'all had such a good time.

  7. That looks like such a lot of fun! I love the picture of the ferris wheel.

  8. That girl's got some moves! Adorable!

  9. Fun! Fun! Fun! You have the best little girls! Life looks so very fun and memorable in your family!


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