Thursday, September 2, 2010

Water Logged and Lovin' It

Before we dive in {sorry, couldn't help myself}, let me just say up front that I have a love-hate relationship with water cameras.  There was no way I was chancin' the Nikon on this part of our 'trip', or any other non-water camera for that matter.  So... here are our memories, as seen through the eyes of a disposable, sunscreen-caked camera.

It was day 2 of our 2-day 'stay-cation'.  What did we hit first?  The lazy river.  Need I say more?  I mean, that was worth the price of our water-park tickets alone.  This lazy river came equipped with one big wave machine, too.  Fun!

Hubs did a wonderful job, holding on to all of us, keeping us together.
Love him.

Oh... and did I mention the lazy river?

And my dislike of water cameras at the moment?  And my obvious rebellion in not editing them, as to reveal the {lack of} quality in development?

Or my ability to take flattering pictures?  I mean, who's legs are those anyway?  ;)

This is one of my favorite pix of the day!  DK's expression says it all.

We convinced the girls to go down, what we called, the "family slide".  There was a little more convincing to be had on Gracie's part, but she did it.

I know she was glad to have faced her fears.   Not only did she want to do it again, but this opened her up to trying other slides as well.

Lil' Nator was ready to go!  Although, I must say, the slide did go a lil' faster than we all anticipated and nearly folded us in half, like a taco, at times.  Thankfully, we lived to tell about it.

And there were no tears while waiting in line the second time. :)

Oh... and a tip.  End of summer + Tax free weekend = shorter lines at the water park.

You're welcome.

Did I mention that Nator was holding a disposable camera?  I'd recognize those lil' toes anywhere. :)

Here's Gracie coming down the same slide.  Can you see her fully goggled face?  :)

Nator soaks up some vitamin D at one of the many 'beaches' built into the lazy river.  Did I mention that there was a lazy river?

We like to soak up some shade, too. You wouldn't want to go too far out into the lazy river, though.  It will "strongly persuade" you into its current.

We then decide we were tough enough to handle the white water river.  Of course, this was after I asked about 3 lifeguards if the white water will make my babies flip off of their tubes.  Gracie was a lil' unsure, and half-way up the inclined conveyor belt, she decided this wasn't such a great idea.  But really, it was too late.

This picture was taken right after we came off of the conveyor belt.  Gracie said, "That wasn't so bad."  I almost didn't have the heart to tell her that we hadn't started the 'white water' part yet.  I held Gracie's tube, while hubs held Nator's.  Ready, set, go...

There were a few tears, and one flipped tube {Nator's, at the end}, but again, we lived to tell about it.

No one asked to do it again.  Maybe next year it could be fun?  :)

Shortly after, Gracie and I went down another slide together.  I was so proud of her.  No pictures, because most of it was in the dark.  She said it was "awesome!"

Oh... and did I mention the lazy river?

We could have stayed on it all day... and almost did.  We rode the wave on that river so many times that I felt like I was still on it when I closed my eyes to fall asleep that night. 

We were all completely water-logged, but wanted more.

As it should be.


  1. I hate water camera also. I never want to buy them, cuz of the quality. But, after seeing how many extra moments I'd miss, I may consider it next time. Glad you had fun. :)

  2. I loved this...when mine were young my oldest had to be talked into absolutely everything. I have a pic of her at the top of a water slide and she's trying hard to be brave but there are tears rolling down her face. These days she is the adventurous one.

    My youngest was leap then look as a little girl. I think maybe she did that one too many times because she is much more cautious (thankfully ) now.

    Looks like such a fun day!

  3. Oh that looks like such great fun! So glad you had the water camera. Not the best quality but precious photos none the less. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  4. Water cameras are better then nothing! So did they have a Lazy River at the park you went to? :)
    I have never seen a conveyer belt to take up a tube. Guess we're not that high tech in the Mid-West!
    Love the shot of DK on the slide and you may wonder whose legs those were, but she has some good lookin' toes!

  5. The pics turned out...ok! The leg pics crack me up. I really like the one of your daughter sitting on the beach.

    We are going to an indoor water park in Wisconsin this December! Can't wait! Not so sure I'll post leg pics... ;)

    So glad you all had a blast!


  6. I just love water parks, but I haven't been able to go on any slides or anything fun like that this summer, being pregnant and all. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you :)

  7. I love me some lazy river!! Especially the lazy part. Looks like a fabulous "stay-cation" Those are so much fun without all the stress. Win win!!

  8. What a great tip! I would've never thought about the water park being less crowded during tax free weekend!

  9. Fun! My kids have helped me develop a new found love for waterparks! That one looks super fun!

  10. What a fun time. my kids love water parks. No fear...they do it all...the water slides the lazy river the pools. They love it. Your family is adorable.
    Thanks for the comment today at my blog.


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