Monday, August 30, 2010

Project 365 - Week 35

And the good times just keep on rollin'!  We ended our 'stay-cation' with a trip to a water park and ended the week by taking the girls to Granny's.  This week, I intend to get those things done that 'need' to get done, rather than the, ummm... therapy shoppin'.  You know, like last time.  {she says as she's still in her robe}

On Sunday, we drove to Galveston Beach to enjoy the water park.  It was our first time to visit a water park with the girls.  We had a blast!  It was about memories this day... not quality of pix.  ;)

As we picked up Jasmine from the dog-sitter's home, Gracie spotted their horse from across the lawn.  The two of them met eyes and immediately started walking toward each other... I anticipated music to follow.  You know, like in the movies.  She was able to pet the horse and watch her eat for quite some time.  Made. her. day.  Maybe the horse loves the color pink?  :)

During art, Gracie was intent to line up her color pencils just like sister's rainbow.  Nator wasn't quick to respond, so Gracie said, "People just don't help a kid these days."  Ha.  Once it was time to eat, all of the supplies were picked up.  We may not get our colors lined up perfectly, but we have our priorities in order!  :)

Nator offered, so I 'let' her clean the kitchen.  From unloading the clean dishes to scrubbing and loading the dirty ones.  She repeatedly said, "Whew!  Now I know how you feel, Mama.  From now on, I'm going to help you!"  Let's hope that sticks for a little while.  ;)

This week, Daddy is in Washington, so us gals got a lil' domesticated.  For some reason, I promised the girls a stuffed animal before they left for another week at Granny's.  Great idea, just poorly timed.

Here's Nator trying to figure out how it all works.  When she has it mastered, maybe she can teach me.

Realizing I really didn't have a lot of time to complete 2 nice stuffed animals, I tried to offer consolation prizes. :)  You know, pillows made from old clothes.  Muy logical, yes?  Although, projects like this should remind me that I should stay far, far away from sewing Gracie loved her skirt pillow and Nator her Tinkerbell shirt pillow, they still wanted to know when the stuffed animals would be ready.  So, their loving mother was up till 3 a.m.

While on our way to meet Granny, Gracie gives us her impersonation of Nanny McPhee.  The one tooth in front comes in handy for such an occasion.  {We watched the first movie this week as part of our 'girls night while daddy's out of town'.}

Waiting at Smoothie King for Granny!  Here's Penny the penguin, and Tia the turtle.  Again, the animals were completed under severe sleep deprivation, so they may be a lil' abstract.

For the material, I used clothes the girls have outgrown, but that I haven't been able to depart with.  The first cut was painful, but I hope it will be a great memento for them.

We said our good-byes.  :( 
Granny drove to her home with the girls, and DK and I drove to a nearby place where he needed to work.

What shall we do without those two lil' munchkins this week?  Jasmine doesn't know either, as she takes her rightful spot, in the middle, as always.   She is worried about who will rub her ears on the long journey back home.  It's a ruff life.

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  1. my girls are with gma too for the week. so much to do here though. hoping I'll get it all done before they get back! :) have a great week!

  2. Ooh - I'm a penguin fanatic - I LOVE Penny the Penguin! And the turtle is pretty darn cute too. Looks like you did a great job to me.

  3. so LOVE your pillows!!
    and your puppy!!
    your daughters are as adorable as ever

    enjoy your week!

  4. Love the animals. I'm working on a t-shirt and cape for my boys. They think Superman is the bomb!

  5. There's just something about a good waterpark! I love that you are all tubin' together!
    If Nator wants to come help me with dishes, I'll take her! I will even come get her. :) Love all the pencils and crayons. I'm a sucker for those kinds of shots.
    I love the girl's animals and that you made them out of special clothes is brilliant!! If I could sew I would totally steal that idea.
    Have a super, productive and relaxing week!!

  6. are a loving mommy, staying up half the night, to make your precious girls some stuffed animals! You should get an award!!! :)

    What a lovely week, y'all had and it looked like a fun water park too!


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