Sunday, August 15, 2010

Project 365 - Week 33

When things don't go as scheduled, plans get set aside, and you have to simply go with the flow.  This was one of those weeks.  With the 365, it's quantity... not quality of pix, right?

A lil' peek into our week...

According to Nator, dining out is no excuse for neglecting a good book.

A lesson learned with a visual aid. :)

A science experiment, which completely grossed out the girls.

Being totally freaked out by the "knife incident", but thankful Nator's sickness wasn't as serious as we initially thought.  {A BIG "thank you" to everyone who expressed support and concern.  Really.}

Mama needed no-stress meals this week.  So... We ate these.  Twice.  {Baked tortilla chips, vegetarian refried beans, Morningstar 'meat' {no teasing allowed, mkay?}, just a hint of cheese... bake, then add... spinach, chives, cilantro, roma tomatoes, and salsa!}  Easy and Yum. my.  {And if your children refuse healthy toppings, they get a plate *full* of organic spinach.  They prefer it, actually.}

Enjoyed more dance recitals, compliments of lil' Gracie.  She doesn't enjoy it. One. Bit. ;)

Gracie found good use for her baby items once again. {I know.  It's riveting stuff like this that keeps you coming back.}  The stroller is needed for Bella, and...
high chairs are needed for Build-a-Bears.  {Not dolls, of course, that would be 'too young'. Oi.}

There were a couple trips to the airport, as DK had to be in "The Big Apple" this week.

A trip to pick up more pottery treasures, and paint more!

What week would be complete without a trip to Panera?

Panera, you complete us.  Sigh...
{I know you're all impressed by my ghostly-looking-tan, huh? Ha!}

Look what we found while running errands.  Looks like real frosting, complete with pearls, bling and chocolate bows,  huh?  Of course, we had to investigate.  It wasn't real.  {We believe there was a car show in the area.}

 *I think Mama's vitamin regimen helped Nator get well quickly, but mostly, I think she 'willed' herself well so that she could attend a birthday party on Saturday.  They had so much fun.

Now that everyone is well, next week should be a lil' more exciting.  Maybe.

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  1. I won't laugh...I haven't tried the 'meat' but I love their spicy black bean burgers!

  2. That looks like a fun week. Boy your tortilla dish looks EXCELLENT. Might have to try that one.

    I would probably have had to try to lick that car. Just saying.

  3. that science experiment looked pretty gross!

    Thank goodness Nator is fine, I can only imagine the panic you felt!

    the nachos look delish...I can't tease because I've never heard of that!

    great week!

  4. Sometimes a book is just so good you have to read!!
    So glad Nator is ok and that both girls survived being grossed out!
    Your dinner looks yummy! I eat Morning Star breakfast sausage and it is good.
    I love the new project pieces this week! The cupcake is too cute.
    That car is too much! I can't even imagine driving something like that!
    Have a super week!!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is great! I cannot kid about the meat because i would so eat those nachos if placed in front of me. YUM
    That car does look good enough to eat. I must be hungry. Very cool though.
    I love panera too. Their Cinnamon Crunch bagels are so good!

  6. I want a car like that... too fun! Glad to hear that Nator is better.

  7. Glad Nator is feeling better! That car is incredible. I would've been tempted to lick it... is that gross? FYI - reading these posts has me thinking of joining up with the 365 project... I just don't know if I'd really remember to take a picture every day. But I love reading yours! :)

  8. I was just like Nator when I was younger -- carried a book with me everywhere!

    And that meal looks amazing! I'd eat it twice! :)

  9. Great science experiment! Yeah, I wish I had answers for my skin, too. (And flab--let's not forget the flab. Please don't say "exercise." Ugh.)

    Scary knife incident. Yeesh! Glad she's doing better.

    Wow. That car is something to behold! A little girl's dream car!! :)

  10. I LOVE your weekly pictures! So fun!


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