Friday, August 13, 2010

Honesty: School Room Edition

Every week this month, home educators are showing off their 'school'.  This week, the theme is your school room.  Notice it's the end of the week, and I'm just. now. linking.  Why, you ask?

umm... look at this mess

We're in transition.

We have a loft upstairs that serves as a second living-play-computer room for the girls.  It has also been our school room in the time we have lived in this house.  Four years.  {You can peek at it here.   The sofas are still not upstairs, so no aerial shots... yet.}  It was complete with wall maps, chalkboard, white board, and baskets and baskets of... stuff.

We no longer play hind-n-seek with flash cards.  We no longer gather at the little table in the loft to work on small, elementary crafts.  We no longer act out the animals in which we are studying.  Well, sometimes... Nevermind.  What was I saying?  Ummmm...  Oh, yes... Transition.

It's bitter-sweet, really.  I remember the days when I would throw small flashcards up into the air and let them fall where they may.  The girls would 'go fishing' and bring me their 'fish'.  They had to tell me what the card said, as I acted as though the fish were wild, jolting me all around, still alive.  I cracked myself up.  Them, too.  To the point of hiccups.  I could {easily} make myself cry just thinking about how quickly those diaper bottoms have grown.  Sigh...

Our crafts have taken over the kitchen table now, and our lessons have turned into beautiful discussions.  Anything from being a witness for Christ, to haiku's, to mummies.  You name it.  Sometimes, we may even laugh until someone gets an attack of the hiccups.

These discussions are {mostly} taking place... in our cozy living room.  Downstairs.  So, for now, that's the nucleus {can you tell what we've been studying in science?} of our 'school'.

As you can see, the girls are serious about buttering mama up their work, so it really doesn't matter 'where' it's done, as long as it gets done.  The schoolwork, that is, not the buttering up.

*As a side note, our 'school' may move into the dining room, until we get a sofa set upstairs. {Just for the sake of finding my living room again under all that stuff.}  I'll keep you posted.  You know, because I wouldn't want to leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. ;)

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  1. Love the honesty and the joy on your kids faces.

  2. can i enroll my two? looks like lots of fun going on with all that learning!


  3. Seriously? You have no idea how much I enjoy reading what you share about the small details of your life. Your girls just look so happy! I hope -as we embark on our very first year of homeschooling (preschool)- that mine have such shiny eyes and joyful countenances in their {home}school.

  4. Looks like a fun transition... maybe you should just keep it that way. ;-)

  5. I love "morning star" meat ... aka Ground Round!?? =) I slip it in stuff all the time! except I need to watch my sodium intake ... so I try to find the heart healthy versions! ;)


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