Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just A Glimpse

Here's a peek into our multipurpose {loft} room.
It serves us as a school/TV/computer/play room for the girls.

It's an open-floor concept with bullnose corners {like the rest of the house}
that can make painting colors a challenge.
Where do you stop and start another color??
It may be hard to see it in these pics,
but I simply painted 2 walls {that didn't round to another wall} blue.
Problem solved.  We love it!
{I'll show more when we get the sofas in there.}

We're still using the decor that graced their nurseries.
Old teddy bears.
When it came time to put the bears in the attic, we
{okay, mostly ME} could NOT part with them just yet.

I'm so thankful for all of my new {Ikea} shelving!
I have 2 tall units on either side of the TV and a shorter one underneath.
All of my piles are now off of the floor.
{deep sigh of relief}
Can a get a Java-lujah?


What's a room without an American Girl catalog?
We have our educational priorities, you know. ;)

Our girls still play with their dollhouses.
I love every minute {of the many} they spend using their imaginations.
I should keep trying to record their dialogue.
They've caught me each. time.

I hear them in there right now.
Playing and listening to Christmas music.
Their snowman tree will be going up this weekend.
Excitement is in the air.


At some point, I know dollhouse pieces will be lined up in a row and...
The Loving Family will gather to eat at the table.

Thanksgiving dinner maybe?
After walking through Hobby Lobby one day, Nator was giving me her soap-box speech about everyone putting up their Christmas decorations so early and seemingly forgetting about Thanksgiving.  I had to remind her that we like to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Christmas tree, too.  Oh... she hadn't thought of that.  ;)

Do you notice anything peculiar about the grandmas at this Loving Family feast?
I promise you.
In real life, their grandma wears her skirt...
to the dinner table. ;)


Thanks for the lovely comments to yesterday's post.
You gals are the best.
Our circumstances haven't changed today,
but we're changing our perspectives. ;)


  1. So the doll house. Makes me very nostalgic.
    I heart Ikea.

  2. Popping over for a return visit. =)

    I wish we had such a room in our house -- "someday!" =)
    The little touches here and there - the teddy bears, the photos.. precious. And your blog design is beautiful, too, by the way.

  3. I love the sight words and the finger pointer. I keep forgetting to get one of those. We can't reach our maps as weel, in the new kitchen.
    Sassy has just started playing with hers again. She has two that she pulls out. I love it.
    Our tree went up tonight.

  4. What a great room.

    And - WOW. Girls are MUCH neater than boys! :)

  5. Rachelle, there's a reason there are no aerial shots. ;)


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