Friday, November 13, 2009

Lil' Fingerprints

While DK has been out of town, we  
have been working on laundry, vacuuming, organizing neglected piles, decorating for Christmas did a lil' fingerprint art...


and baked cookies.

Of course, mama had to get in on the action too.
I'm not talking about just eatin' the cookies, ya'll.

Yes, I know this thumbprint book says it's for 3 to 6 yr olds, but still.
Who could resist making a cute lil' frog, princess, cowboy or
page of flowers out of thumbprints?!

I always knew I had a black thumb.
Now I have a picture to prove it.
I'm sure Gracie and Nator will outgrow theirs. ;)


The best part is seeing how their attention to detail has improved...
and especially having their unique lil' fingerprints to
treasure for years to come.

"For You created my inmost being;
You knit me together...
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Your works are wonderful.
...I was woven together..."
Psalm 139


  1. We just bought that book last week. I'm super excited to use it. I think the kids forgot we even had it. :)

  2. Did I see some possiblities of Uncle Bonin improving his artwork.
    Maybe that's what I need to get him for Christmas. The artwork is beautiful. Love Ya'll Aunt :D

  3. I've been meaning to buy this book, because I think it is SO incredibly adorable and fun. I think someone might get it for Christmas!

  4. You make me really miss our days of homeschooling...the last is a junior in college now.

  5. SO cute! too bad my stamping stuff is still packed up!


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