Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You know {that} heart-stopping moment...

when you realize you've locked your keys in the car, yourself out of the house, or maybe your baby in the house {I should tell you about that some time... or maybe not}.

I could have multiplied that feeling by at least 10.

Let me back up a bit.

Remember me telling you that we made yogurt ice?  And that Nator was the only one who liked it?  Well, Sunday night, I was using a knife to chop off small chunks to put in a bowl for her.  In the process, the tip of the knife cracked a small hole in the frozen, plastic, storage container.  I may have gotten carried away.  Maybe not.  Chopping frozen stuff is never easy.

Monday morning, Nator began to complain of a sore throat, and by afternoon, she had full-blown body aches, tummy-ache, and a bad headache.  I recognized that 'glassy-eyed' look, so... I, of course, began to give her our regimen for helping the immune system do its job.

Monday evening, I was doing my nightly cleaning of the kitchen {because who really likes to wake to a dirty kitchen?}.  I happen to notice that a knife was chipped on the tip.

{Don't judge my ruler.  The girls went through a phase of coloring everything in sight.}

Then I remembered that this was the knife I used to chip away Nator's yogurt ice.  I recalled every time she told me of her stomach pain throughout the day...

and my heart dropped...

to my toes.

In one heart-pounding moment, all of my priorities were once again reevaluated.
I turned around to tell DK of my findings and his expression told of his concern, too.  I melted the remaining contents of the yogurt ice into a tiny, wire mesh in hopes that I would find the tip.  No luck.  I gave everything a clean sweep... counter tops, sink, stove, floor, contents of the swiffer-vac, and under the oven.  The only things I found were Cheerios and dust bunnies.

Although, we both agreed that it doesn't seem likely that Nator would not have noticed this in her mouth, as she really savors. every. morsel.  For all I know, one of the pets may have ingested it or it could be behind the oven where everything else seems to be.

We've never been to the emergency room with our girls before.  For that matter, Nator hasn't seen a doctor in years, other than our chiropractor.  We try to stay far away from them, but we're thankful to know they are there in case of an emergency.  DK and I both began a google search on separate computers.  {Apparently, we weren't the only ones who've had this scare.  See what one search led me to, here.}

From what we read, if she swallowed the tiny tip of this knife, the likelihood that it would be found and that anything could be done were slim.  And... that the body is actually more resilient than we realize.

We continued to grill her... What does your tummy ache feel like?  "It feels like there should only be one glass of water in it, but there's two."  Ummm... okay.  With no 'sharp' pains to speak of, that's her way of saying that it feels nauseous.  She usually just says, "It feels green."

We never told her why she was getting grilled.  The last thing she needed was to worry, and DK and I were quietly doing enough for all of us.

All of her symptoms seemed associated with some sort of tummy bug.  I wish I could say that made me feel better.  It was already 10:00 p.m. and DK had to be at the airport the following day. We opted to monitor her during the night.  She never ran fever, and seemed to rest okay.
{Please.  For the love of all things motherly, don't comment on what a horrible mom I am for not taking her to the ER.  Please.}

Tuesday morning, she was feeling much better.  Throat, tummy and body aches were feeling better. She says that mommy gives good vitamins.  ;)  Her only worry is losing her crazy-loose-K9-tooth!  It's hanging on by a thread.  Although wiggling of the teeth makes me queasy, I can't tell you how relieved we are that her tooth is her most irritating symptom.  Her appetite was in full swing, too.  Yay!

So, all symptoms still point to a short-lived tummy bug.  Each passing day, I feel a little more relief.

Lessons learned...

Never, EVER, give the job of ice pick to a knife!  Never.

Even if your child is 10 years old, she could possibly develop {low immune} symptoms where loose teeth are concerned.  Possibly.

It's time to move the oven and see exactly what is lurking beyond the dust bunnies and cheerios.  Seriously.  For peace of mind, Mama still wants to find this shiny object... no matter how tiny it is.


  1. Scary stuff! So glad she is feeling better. We were in the ER with head wounds with our boys... lets just say you should be glad you stayed home.

  2. Wow! What a scare! My heart sank into my stomach just reading this. I can't imagine the worry you've been feeling! Soooo glad she's okay. And I hope you find that knife tip soon!

  3. I was sitting on the edge of my chair reading this. I'm so glad that it wasn't the tip of the knife, and that she felt better the next day. That is so extremely scary. I think most mom's have gone through something judging here At.All. You would think I'm the worst mom in the world if I told you some of the things that have happened to my boys through the years! We've only taken our boys to the ER for emergencies (imagine that!): pencil in the eye, cut hand, meningitis scare: you know, things that can't really be monitored at home without a physician looking at it first. You'll have to let us know if you ever find the tip.
    Oh, and the large family: Your husband has ours beat: our largest (that I know of) was 12. My paternal grandmother. Love the big families!

  4. YIKES!!! I totally would've went to the ER. Even though, by the end of the ordeal, I would've needed a sedative. :) Unfortunately, if you're super determined to find that piece, you may need to examine her deposits. Have fun!!!

  5. yes, we were both "nervous". but i trust you like i've always trusted you. plus knowing how nator "savors", there was NO way that she would have swallowed that piece.

    you're the best mommy ever.


  6. How scary! But that could have happened to any mommy. Glad she's feeling better! And hope you find the tip of that knife to make YOU feel better :)

  7. Oh girl. My mommy heart cringed alongside yours when I read this - that has got to be a horrible feeling! But for the record...nope, you are not a terrible mom for not taking her to the ER...I think you made a very wise decision to just keep an eye on her...the few times we've ended up in the ER, I've regretted it. Sometimes I've got to learn to trust my mommy instinct that she'll be ok. :)


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