Friday, March 26, 2010

Schedule Shmedule

It started like any other day.
School was on the agenda.
At some point.
It was 11:30.
{I know}
I'm getting distracted by the Pioneer Woman.
She is going to teach me how to make eyes pop.
I realize I could park myself here all day.
I make a conscience choice to close. the. computer.

Sometimes everything within me screams in rebellion of the
monotonous. mundane. schedule.
It looked like a beautiful day.
I decide to surprise the girls.
A picnic at the park, sketching pictures.
I begin packing our necessities before I tell the girls.
I tell the girls.
They are excited.
It begins to rain.
I step outside.
It's cold.
They say if you don't like the weather in Texas,
wait five minutes.

I give the girls 2 choices.
Giving choices has almost always worked in avoiding buckets of tears.
Plan A:  Mommy will take you out to eat {Panera}.
Plan B:  We can have a picnic at home and play games.

Plan B it is!

The girls change back into their comfy, homeschool uniform.
Did you know we had a uniform?
I believe it's called...
Adding a necklace that dad brought home from one of his travels makes for a nice finishing touch.

We even invited a corny guest.
The girls made her at scouts.
She's made of corn-husk. ;)

"Mom, may I take a picture of you?"
I forget about that too often.
And try to forget about the messes lurking in the background.

Apples to Apples, Jr.
Old Maid.
Sweet lil' girl conversations.
Nator shares with us her love of the first four American Girl
dolls and books.
Gracie impresses us with her flexibility.
She wants to be a dance teacher.

Sometimes throwing out our schedule...
is a good thing.

Even Jasmine was impressed.

She was even more impressed when Mom stuck to her guns and we actually 'did' finish our schoolwork for the day... sometime before dinner. ;)

Do you ever throw out the day's routine in an effort to do something more spontaneous?


  1. Love this! Yes, we throw out our schedule often...and the new plans are often more fun!

  2. I love that picture of you...I can definitely see a big resemblance between you and your girls.

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. I haven't played Old Maid in Years!!! So fun :)
    I am the same way......cept no school yet :)

  4. How fun! Sometimes the best days are the ones we don't really plan :)

  5. Yes! Usually it's leaving the house to go to the mall! The house doesn't seem to get as dirty then! (at least that's what I tell myself!) :)

  6. Yes! My boys love those day when we change things up and throw in something unexpected.

    ~Great pictures of your day!

  7. haha! we don't have a routine! i try, really i do ;)

    oh, girl, i could sit at the computer all day long looking over pioneer woman's blog {pictures are my fav}

    the first picture, is that a purse?

    and we have those same exact school uniforms lol

  8. Sounds like y'all had a great day! It's things like that that your girls will remember when they get older!

  9. Oh yes! Schedules and I don't agree. Love this post! What a fun mom!

  10. Wonderful WONDERFUL post! Sometimes I stick too close to my to-do list, but it is the days like you described that we really learn (and remember!) the most. That is what hs-ing is all about, right? What a gift you yourself and to your girls!!

  11. I am having such trouble lately EVER staying on our routine. At times I'm not even sure what our routine IS! I'm also having trouble closing. the. computer, as you say. Lots of trouble doing that. Oh! And I have that same bag! (The brown one with polka dots.) Isn't it cute?

  12. I sometimes shake our routine so we don't feel like we are in a rut.

    I love that necklace your daughter is wearing, very cute.

  13. Yes, today I went looking for furniture when I should have been doing laundry... it just sounded like way more fun! :)

  14. Oh Yes....spontaneous is the way to go!!!


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