Sunday, March 28, 2010

Project 365 - Week 13


On Sunday, Mommy not peel gewd.  {Thank you Mr. Pollen.}  We kept things low-key.  Well, besides the fact that I still went to the gym.  For some reason in my delirious brain, I thought I might be able to sweat it out.  {On the flip side, my Neti pot is helping.}   We watched Planet 51 {cute, family-friendly}, Armored {suspenseful}, and Did You Hear About the Morgans? {great for a nothing-to-figure-out-relaxing-clean-movie}.


I'm feeling better.  I think.  I go to the gym.  Mistake.  I take a three and a half hour nap.  I never nap.  Did I mention that I'd taken the sheets off with intentions of washing them?  Yeah... I pretty much passed out on a nAk'd mattress.  Feeling much better now.  In my sleepy state, I see that the girls made use of their time playing with Leggos from Nator's birthday party.  And one of my girls {who shall remain nameless} may or may not have eaten the decorative circumference {made of icing!} off of the entire birthday cake.  Oi.


For Christmas, Gracie received a Creations By You Masterpiece Kit.  {Thanks again, Uncle J and Aunt K!}  She is really into horses right now and wanted to make a poster for her room.  She was so excited when it arrived!

I didn't test my luck by going to the gym today {or for the rest of the week}.  ;)


Feeling a bit guilty that I've been a lil' under the weather, I delay school a bit to enjoy an indoor picnic with the girls.  Why indoor, you ask?  See here.


"Hey, Mom, I found my zen!"
I look in the dining room to find Gracie lying on the floor, surrounded in Nator's birthday balloons, strings falling all around her.  It made me smile.   "Do you want to find your zen, Mom?"

I think I found it. ;)

The girls and I watched as Molly's third owlet, Austin, hatched.  So sweet!  We noticed she ate the eggshell and later learned that's because she's a good mom.  She doesn't want to leave any evidence attracting potential predators.  We've enjoyed checking in on her {live} everyday.  Although, I do have to admit that feeding time is a bit much for us.  ;)


I snapped this {cell} pic on a romantic getaway with my hubs.  After we dropped the girls off at their scouting event,  we ate at Outback {where the waitress was being a little too friendly with my hubs and it almost made me react in a way that's out of my character in my "pms" state.  keepin' it honest, folks.}  :)  Then, we had an enchanted stroll down many aisles in Tarjet, picking up groceries and one of Abbi's birthday gifts... more Leggos.  We had a great time laughing together.  We really should find a sitter so that we can do this more often.


The girls get to pick which restaurant they would like to celebrate their birthdays at each year.  Nator picked her favorite {local} Mexican restaurant... again. ;)

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  1. We are a lego lovin' family also. We've also been watching Molly for two weeks. Every morning Sassy wakes up and tells me to check on her. Then we leave it on til she starts making noises calling her man. ;) That is quite interesting to watch, and I'm not ready for that conversation yet. :)

  2. So sorry you weren't feeling well. You'd never know it by your great pictures!
    I think the indoor picnic was perfect!
    Your Target date sounds wonderful and productive!
    Have a super week!

  3. I have heard Planet 51 is a good movie... now I need to get to my Red Box and rent it... one day soon...hopefully!

    Glad you are feeling better after a few bad days for you!

  4. We do the same thing for birthdays! It gives me a present, too (not having to cook!). Isn't it sad that we spend date nights in the store picking up essentials? :D

  5. loved your pictures this week..but I am sorry you were under the weather! isn't the neti pot wonderful?!!

    great week!

  6. Hope you're feeling better...always fun to get a peek into your week. Your girls are so cute. This weekend I finished a DVD for my oldest for a senior night her sorority has coming up. A 'this is your life' kind of thing...hubs and I just watched the finished product and smiled and cried.

    I am going to SC husband is coming later but I needed a couple days to shop, eat out and gab. A long weekend just wasn't going to cut it plus I have to share with aunts uncles and grandparents on Easter. Which will be fun and happy but I need my face to face time too : )

    Have a nice week!

  7. If I were in your house you could blame ME for the icing - I LOVE icing.

    I like Mexican food too - I think I'll have to show up for Nater's birthday next year. Or, you know, I could go to OUR favorite local restaurant LOL.

  8. Sorry you are feeling rotten. Take it easy...Love the shopping date, I have so much fun shopping with my guy...kidless of course!!

    Legos were a big part of my childhood, so much fun and something my brothers and I could have fun with. Great pictures!

  9. I grew up loving Legos and STILL have an affinity for them. :)

    LOVE your balloon pics. Love their depth.

    I have never seen Molly, the owl. How incredibly COOL!!! My kids will be fascinated with her, I'm sure. Thanks for the tip!

    Congrats on your date night. At our house, those are few and far between, so I'm always ultra-grateful for the opportunity. It's so important to have that time with your hubby.

    Really great pictures this week! Thoroughly enjoyed them.

  10. Looks like a pretty fun week, minus you being sick. I think I have the same crud, I have not been feeling so hot lately.

  11. i love hearing that other peeps have date nights like us. there's romance in the practical right? and BOY DO I HEAR YA on the allergies. it has been complete torture to see that sunshine and not be able to play in it. grr.

  12. awwww we're gonna have a date night like that tonight. dinner and shopping for Easter baskets! heehee

    why is it SO hard for me to remember to do this {sigh}

    happy late birthday to your sweet girl!

  13. So sorry to hear you were under the weather so to speak! Hope you're feeling better by now. Sooo the little waitress was flirting with your hubby huh? Well, I Never! Girrrl, that really aggrivates me too! A lady at walmart did the same thing to my husband not long ago and she's just lucky I'm a nice person! LOL Glad you had a nice shopping date!

    Your girls are absolutely adorable and the indoor picnic sounds like a lot of fun. Makes me wish my kids were young again. Mexican would be my first choice too.....your baby girl has the right idea for sure!!!!


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