Saturday, January 16, 2010

Project 365 - Week 3


Our girls do their best to hitch a ride whenever they can on our grocery runs.  We sometimes try to accommodate them as to not hear... my feet hurt, my legs hurt, i'm tired.  However, it looks like this may not last much longer.  See their Harry Houdini moves making sure they both fit? 


Back to our routine.  That means... School!


With the girls starting dance and scouts, I have a little time to walk Jasmine.  At least she gets one walk a week.  Cesar Millan would not be impressed. ;)  She likes to sneak up on birds and squirrels, yet she forgets she's leashed.


Among many other things this day, Jasmine gets a check up.


Gracie's new math {math-u-see} came in.  She finished Beta before Christmas.  WooHoo!  She was so excited to get her Gamma {introducing multiplication}.  Do you know why?  Pink.  ;)  However, she found something more 'creative' to do with her manipulatives... making a Princess and the Pea bed.


The book I ordered came in!


A sweet friend brought me a generous gift! 
Her sewing machine and a cute kit.

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  1. Your dog is so cute in her pink bandanna!

  2. awwwe come on mom....looks like they have a few more years till they out grow that cart!!! :)

    your dog is so cute!!

    let me know what you think of that book...looks interesting

    so what are you making with the sewing machine?

  3. How cute are the girls in that cart. What is the project on the sewing machine about???
    And I am jealous that you can walk outside. Too much snow here.
    Have a great week!!

  4. Great pics! Remember to pas on your belly fat secrets.

  5. Let me know what you think of the book...belly fat. Yuk.

  6. Yeah, that cart is lookin a little full! LOVE the squirrel shot - great perspective. Have fun with that sewing machine - I am just a tad jealous!

  7. That sewing kit is adorable! I love sewing, but it's really too bad that I'm terrible at it! I guess practice might remedy that :) Your pictures this week are lovely!

  8. Hey, a pink book is better than a blue one any day! Impressive that she's tearing through her work so fast...maybe she'll be in college at 15!

    Nice pictures...good variety. Have a good week.

  9. Great pics of the week! We use Math-u-see and love it!

  10. I keep forgetting to order Gamma for Little man. Thanks for the reminder. I actually remembered to take pictures this week. But, now that I'm sick AGAIN, I'm very slow moving. So I hope to get them posted. :)

  11. I love that picture of the squirrel such a great picture!! I like a girl excited about pink and princess beds...too cute.

    Great pictures


  12. Enjoying the pics. Sewing is fun and easy. Just start with small simple projects, there are many online. We love you guys and missing ya'll.

  13. Such a cute dog!

    Great sewing machine... I would love to learn how to sew... I have a sewing machine right now but it was given to me broken so I need to get it fixed before I can use it.

  14. Just for the record, I'm learning {to sew}. ;) This is my 3rd attempt, so hopefully nothing will be harmed in the making of future {simple} projects. Ha!

  15. Your girls are cute both crowded in the shopping cart and your dog is so adorable in it's bandana. Hope you have fun sewing.

  16. Hmm...The Belly Fat Cure. That looks interesting.
    Also, I have a friend who is a firm believer in the Math-U-See program. Have fun with it!!

  17. Your photos are so good! Had to smile about your daughter being happy with the pink books. With the girls it's all about the color! teehee Maybe covering all the school books in pretty pink covers would do the trick!

    The first photo reminds me of a Chinese fire drill during college when we'd all pile into someone's car to see how many would fit.

    Really, really enjoyed your photos this week!

  18. I love your Project 365 photos! I was not a good photographer last week! Your post has inspired me to do better! What a happy week you had!

  19. i love the sewing machine photo, i had one like that this week too! and please let us all know if the belly fat book is good, i sure could use that!!!

  20. I would do school work too if I had those cool pencils!
    Your book looks'll have to do an update.

  21. Great pics!
    Cute dog!
    Lovely girls!
    Beautiful mamma!
    Let me know if the fat-belly book works. BTW, do you really need it?

  22. lovin' all these photos! I left my laptop at home while we were away, wish i woulda took it now. I have SO many blogs to get caught up on.

    we use math u see too. i love the little bed she made! We've not gone to see the movie yet but plan to soon.


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