Thursday, January 14, 2010

20 things we learned @ the vet's office

"You're going to put that where?"

If you want to get straight to the point... collect $200 first {you'll need it} and go straight to number 20.
  1. Any vet's office who owns a huge flatscreen in their lobby, while good, may be too expensive.
  2. Upon entering, Jasmine may believe she is at Chuck E. Cheese.
  3. Jasmine will be led by her nose and may be too powerful for the girls to lead.
  4. "Rachel Ray should do more cooking and less talking", says Nator.  She has opinions. ;)
  5. Jasmine will sense the tech coming to get us before we know it.  We can gauge this next time by noticing her tail swing between her legs at the speed-of-light 10 seconds beforehand.
  6. Jasmine will quickly remember she is not at Chuck E. Cheese when the door to the small room closes behind us.  Click!
  7. The nice tech will remember Jasmine.  Jasmine obviously made an impression on them... or was it all the 'going into heat' confusion when we were told by the rescue organization that she'd been 'fixed' already, resulting in her multiple visits and eventually her overnight stay at Chuck E. Cheese for a lil' snip-snip?  No, I'm sure it was her charming personality and big brown eyes. ;)
  8. Jasmine does not accept treats when nervous... at least not dry, less palatable pieces.  She's not spoiled. ;)
  9. Above mentioned tech will want to 'hug' Jasmine, but she and Jasmine's definition of a 'hug' are not the same.  Jasmine's idea of cuddling does not involve drawing blood.
  10. Jasmine tolerates everything {including the thermometer} without growling.  She's tolerated much worse when going through #6.  She really is a good dog.
  11. They wrapped the new boo-boo in green gauze and she will try to hobble on 3 legs, playing on your sympathy.
  12. If you want a picture of it, you better take it quick before the vet does a physical exam and removes the opportunity.
  13. She has an athletic heartbeat, but I could have revealed that without stethoscope.  {When bullied at the dog park, she outran a Great Dane!  However, I wish I could sleep like she does and stay so ripped!  She's all muscle.}
  14. Jasmine's heart-worm test is negative.  Huge sigh of relief!!! So, we somehow outsmarted those flying mosquitoes blood sucking bats by the 100's on our walks.  Literally. 
  15. When the vet casually mentions getting a white blood cell count to eliminate any other culprits as to her lil' cough and spit up, they may casually mention it on the invoice next to the U.S. Grant fee.  Nice.
  16. The vet speaks a foreign language when explaining lab results.  I understand that she has no tick related virus and apparently has healthier than the average hemoglobin. 
  17. Jasmine may just have a spitting up problem from being a nervous dog.  No shocker there.  Being a rescue dog with a rough past, she has come a long way.   Rx:  Take Pepcid for a nervous tummy.
  18. Oh... and the cough could be from... how do I put this discretely?... inhaling some of the results of her nervous tummy. Rx: Robitussin.  
  19. Other nice patients will let your kids hold their new puppy {adorable lil' fur-ball named Puffin} while they fill out paperwork... and you are being held hostage waiting on the vet to bring results.

Last, but not least...

20. Never take your pet to the vet for a "quick check-up" unless you have a couple extra Benjamin Franklins lying around...  or Christmas money you haven't spent yet.  Merry Christmas to Mama.


  1. Oh I hear ya...mine has been twice since just before Christmas and I am going to have to take her back because the scratching is making us absolutely crazy. She has no ticks, no fleas, no mange..they checked her thryroid last time because apparently scratching is a symptom of thyroid issues and it was fine and I'm pretty sure it cost more than getting mine checked. She has had two prescriptions and an injection. Still scratching. I told my husband I think its just the dry skin is so dry too...but I load up on the lotion and we can't do that for Dixie. It is a very good thing they are cute. A very very good thing!

  2. Oh no, they are little money stealers aren't they. My dog sheds like crazy when we go to the vet, but no other time.

  3. "Rachel Ray should do more cooking and less talking" Couldn't have said it better myself ;)


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