Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Chapter

As much as I want to cry out in rebellion of change,
clinging to familiar like a warm security blanket...
I learned long ago that the only thing in life that doesn't change...
is change.

"Change:  transform; vary, mutate; amend, modify. Change, alter- both mean to make a difference in the state or condition of a thing or to substitute another state or condition. To change is to make a material difference so that the thing is distinctly different from what it was: to change one's opinion."
{ - but I think my waistline fed them most of this description}

With the turning of a new year,
I find myself anticipating the future,
yet feeling {not quite} ready for what is to come.

The unfamiliar.

Another year encompasses more changes in our girls.
One will be turning double digits.  {sigh}
These kind of changes are bitter-sweet.
I look forward to their achievements,
yet at this speed,
we're looking at them in the rear-view mirror all too quickly.

They say the days drag on, while the years fly by.
So. true.
 I can reminisce over pictures and vividly remember days... moments...
but where does the year go?

So much has changed.
Our girls.
Family. name a few.

The passing of a dear friend's husband this week is once again
a reminder of change.

It is also a reminder that we should envelop change...
and use it to transcend ourselves to reach our finest potential.
We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

What changes will 2010 bring?
As scary as that may feel at times,
I can't predict the future...
but only commit to walk hand in hand with the One who knows mine.

He never changes.

Thank you, God...
for walking this Family Team through another year. I look forward to all the opportunities that You will give us to grow closer to You and to each other in the coming year.

I've never been a 'resolution for the sake of resolution' kind of girl, but I'm considering giving myself a few challenges...
or at least thinking about them. ;)

{My latest challenge was squeezing in a couple of simple Christmas crafts with the girls... I'll share those soon.}

Here we come!

What about you? Do you challenge yourself each new year?

{Edit* Blogger is challenging my spacing and font size again. Must. Republish. Ugh!}


  1. I'm so thankful that God remains faithful,that He doesn't change, and that we can depend on Him during our times of change.

    I'm not a big resolution type girl, but I do like to challenge myself to grow in a few areas.

  2. I am challenging myself to eat out less and make more of our food from scratch. I want to give the gift of health to my children. They won't know it, but, it's the best gift I can give them.

  3. I too am glad that my God never changes, that He is a constant in my life!!!

    I'm not one to make resolutions either, but I have challenged myself to trust God completely in 2010...I'm gonna need some accountability on that!! :)

  4. Great post! Oh the unknown can be a great cause of anxiety. Thank goodness we have the Lord. We can run to Him, cling to Him and always He will wrap His protecting arms around us.

  5. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

    I like to set goals for a new year. I don't always reach them and it's not always in the timing I'd like but I like to have goals to think about throughout the year. I need focus-if I don't set any goals I'm not sure I'll accomplish anything. Some pertain to my physical self but I always have a couple that relate to the inner me.

    Happy New Year!

  6. so sorry for the loss of your friend.

    i set challenges i just don't follow thru on them! lol maybe the first day but after that not-so-much...... which is why i have yet to come up with any for 2010


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