Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goody Gumdrops

Maybe this is a great example of keeping things...
just because you never know when you'll use 'em.

This gingerbread kit has been in our freezer all year.
It's a 'tradition' we started two years ago with the girls.
{Not the 'freezing' part, but the 'building'...
It's tradition if you don't count the fact that we missed last year.
That would explain this kit taking residence for an entire year.}

Instead of trying to preserve it another year,
I figure putting it together a lil' late was better than not at all.

Mama helped construct the frame and frosting,
but the girls decorated the rest.
It's all about the fun... and memories.
{as long as everyone gets to share in the process... equally!}



I suppose that's okay...
We never intended to consume it anyway.
{Gracie's pretending}

DK is working late.
Mama needs groceries.
Tonight, we are having a snack-y supper.
 For me, it's an organic apple, baked bbq chips...
and hot chocolate!
{the girls are getting a lil' better-promise}

I know.
That made you hungry, huh?


  1. Actually, yes, it DID make me hungry! Baked chips...mmmmm....did you make your hot chocolate with stevia? That has been my favorite treat lately. :)

    I wish I had more patience for the gingerbread house. I love the idea of it, but I think maybe I get too burned out doing Savannah's birthday cake right after Christmas, and so I dont' want to mess with this. Yours turned out darling!

  2. jackie! been missing you, girl!

    hot chocolate with stevia? if you have a recipe, i'd love to hear it. savannah and gracie must share a similar bday. ;)

  3. Glad your house turned out to be more fun than ours. Twin 3 yr old boys + Gingerbread = crying! :)

  4. That is the best looking gingerbread house I've seen this year! You guys did very well!

  5. Hi there! I saw a comment you left for Sara at Make Music...and from your comment, it seemed like maybe you are a Texas girl? You said something about ferocious summers and cruel mosquitos. It rang a bell for me. :-)

    Um, your supper sounds yummy to me.
    And the gingerbread house looks great! I have yet to tackle one of those, so, kudos.

    Your pictures are great too.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Great pictures! I could take that tray of candy and consume a good portion of it right about now! :)

  7. love those pictures!
    i meant to buy a kit this year to have next year {once they were marked down} but totally forgot until i saw this post. {sigh} can you tell i'm trying to get a head start on next year lol


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