Saturday, December 26, 2009

Family Christmas

We started the gift giving a lil' early this year.
When we got home from our Christmas on the bayou,
we picked up DK's present.
A Keurig coffee, tea, and hot chocolate maker!
It's so easy... our girls can operate it.  ;)

Christmas eve, we enjoyed a relaxing day of Panera, Barnes and Noble, The Princess and the Frog, and the girls' traditional gift giving to each other {as well as pj's from mom and dad}.  Gracie opened a Whoopsie doll and Nator received a new K'Nex set.


Next, it was time to make 'Santa cookies'.
We enjoyed them as well...
coupled with some hot chocolate, topped with mini marshmellows.
{it's the gift that keeps on givin'}

Gracie couldn't help but turn this into a baking musical.

In fact, they were so giddy...
they decided that sleeping on the air mattress right in front of their Christmas tree was a wise choice.
The girls made Santa some poster-size signs
pointing him upstairs.
I have a feeling Santa was quite nervous when putting out the gifts.
He may or may not have forgotten to breath while 
tip-toeing around two lil' girls.


Thankfully, Gracie didn't wake Mama up at 4 a.m. this year.
{Although, I look like it.}
We all slept in... till about 7.

Santa brought Liv dolls, webkinz, and stuffed stockings.
Gracie received her guitar, scooter, purse, scarf, ballet t-shirt, chixos...
Nator received her keyboard & headphones, hummer remote car, scooter, ballet t-shirt, chixos...
Mama received a family of Willowtree:  Promise, Angel of Learning,
Along with the coffee maker set-up, DK received Indiana Jones 2.  It's great because it feeds DK's 'bang 'em up, shoot 'em up' needs, yet doesn't give the children bad dreams. ;)
Jasmine received a rawhide bone as big as she is.
Bella gets to stay here.  Yep, that's her present. ;)

I also received a lil' cash...
Should I buy the Flip camcorder?
{Ideally, the iphone... but trying to keep
monthly expenses at a minimum.}
A sewing machine??
If so, which one??
{Yes, I've tried sewing before...
Maybe the 3rd time's the charm?
I really want to learn... simple stuff.}
A {small} shopping spree at Marshalls??
Or... start a Disney World fund?
{Of course, with savings like this...
we could probably go after we retire. Ha!}

It's always a tough choice when you want them all.

Having said all of that...
One of the best gifts, was simply spending time together.
Disney World is just not in our budget,
so DK took his remaining days off and we enjoyed a

If you keep up with my blog,
you've probably noticed that DK works a lot...
and is out of town more than we'd like.
So this time {at home} was priceless for our girls.

Back to the reason for the season!

No Christmas day is complete without making the

or singing.

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!!


  1. I think a staycation was a great choice. I love it when my hubby is home for an extended amount of time. I totally forgot about indiana jones 2!! I may have to buy that with my Christmas $$. :) I am having a hard time deciding though. All kinds of cool things. I may just end up with new oven mits and school stuff. But, I'm gonna go out and shop tomorrow. I hope I find something.

  2. Hmmm ... what to do with the money? I have a similar dilemma. But, alas, I always go for the practical. I'll be using it for expenses. Boo.

    But, the trip to NYC was present enough.

    And, that machine ... Oh. my. I want one now. Off to research it.

    Looks like a wonderful, blessed Christmas.

  3. Yep... I'm usually a practical girl too. Sigh.

    Hubs says there's no research to be done. Evidently, he likes his gift. ;)

  4. What a fun family post! Love the cake for Jesus too~ Blessings Catherine

  5. Love the pictures...looks like loads of good times!

    That coffee machine looks pretty nifty. I've never heard of it.

    Glad you had a great Christmas spending time together.

  6. What a wonderful Christmas at your house!

  7. Looks like a great Christmas had by all.

  8. I'm sorry, but you completely lost me after the Keurig.

  9. The Keurig was quite the distraction, wasn't it? ;)

  10. Wonderful pictures, girl! I love Christmas...

    In my dreams we would be saving for Disney World too - totally not in our budget right now. Have you heard about the Give a Day Get a Day program? I'm thinking about trying to do that, if we can sign up in time - at least the park fee would be taken care of that way!


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