Monday, December 14, 2009

Everything Sugar 'n Spice

This is a classic never-say-never case.
Exactly three years ago, a lady handed me an American Girl catalog just in case our girls were interested.  Honestly, we had never heard of American Girl.  After skimming through the pages, I was thankful I hadn't.  Who in their right mind would pay such prices for a... doll?

With vivid imaginations and extensive dialogue acted out, our girls wore out the pages of that catalog.  So, we signed them up to receive their own catalogs.  That was all it took...  Regardless of how many times I asked for a mental break, in 2008, it's all they talked about.  I couldn't distract them with the Our Generation dolls found at Target. 

So, after much discussion, DK and I decided to make that their big Christmas purchase.  Gracie received Kit... and Nator received Molly. 
You would have thought they won the lottery.

In 2008, while DK and I visited New York, we bought the girls a t-shirt from the American girl store.  From that moment on, they have dreamed of visiting a store and eating with their dolls in the Bistro.  Although, we couldn't afford flying to justify New York, we thought we could surprise them with a road trip to Dallas, TX.  DK made reservations months in advance.  It was our little secret.  We love doing that.

So... off we went, driving through dense fog...
early in the morning, with them not have a clue.

We finally make it!!
They say that it's one dream
they can check off their check-list.
Love. it.

Soooo many gasps {and thank yous}
come from two lil' girls.

Merry Christmas!!

Surprise #1:  Road trip to the American Girl store in Dallas.
Surprise #2:  You get to pick out your Christmas gift!

I believe it took Gracie 2.5 seconds to
spot her doll {Rebecca Rubin} and bag it.
When Nator picked her doll {Felicity Merriman},
Gracie was more than eager to carry the entire load... for a while.

{Dear American Girl,
Please tell me why -oh WHY- must you discontinue dolls,
which happen to be some of Nator's faves??
Last year, Samantha.
Now this year, Kirsten.
Please stop doing this.
Thank You.}

Surprise #3:  Lunch reservations with your new doll in the Bistro!

You just got to love lil' pink doll highchairs and
a huge pink flower on the ceiling!

{The Bistro was a lil' heavy on the estrogen.
Let's just say that DK was relieved when more men showed up.}

So, who pays such prices for a doll?

Apparently, we do...
and a whole lot of other folks.
There were only a few Rebecca Rubin dolls left
by the time we finished lunch.

The cost of the dolls, bistro, gas and snacks = $1,000,000
The looks on two lil' girls faces = Priceless

After a total of two hours in girlie blitz,
it was time to head home.

But not before a pit-stop in our old stompin' grounds....
more to come.


  1. so fun!!! I had to smile as I remembered packing Alyssa up and taking the train to Chicago with "molly",buying a matching outfit for doll and girl, eating at the bistro and going to the american girl play. What a great trip that was!!!

    btw, my mom gave Alyssa Molly...she is one of the signed originals!!! For once, it's not bad being older!!! :)

  2. I'm sure your girls will remember this for years to come! What fun!

    I think I'm probably showing my youth here...but I used to think getting an American Girl doll would be so cool too :)

  3. I'm trying to surprise Sassy for her birthday in February. But I'm not sure. We bought her Chrissa this year for her b-day, and we got her the bitty twins and stroller set a few years back. She is totally into them. She has the target horse and trundle bed. She just discovered the movies a few months ago then we were upset to realize that they got rid of Samantha and now working on Kirsten. She really wanted both, but K is backordered til May and I can't do that for her birthday. So, now we have to wait and see what she's gonna choose this year. I had looked into the my twin dolls, but holy moly, those are worse.

  4. As a mother of boys, I can not immagine how much FUN that must have been!!!

    Sounds like you had a great trip!


  5. Oh how fun! What a special day! Your girls look thrilled.

  6. Oh my goodness that was so much fun to read (and view)

    The checklist in my head "check!"

    LOVE that :)

  7. awww how sweet of you guys! I agree i'm sure the girls will remember this day for a very long time!!


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