Wednesday, December 9, 2009

{Expired} Sweet Tooth

What does all of this {mess} mean?

What does one ask the child of a 'health-seeking' family
to bring to scouts for a cooking project?

If you guessed sugar {and cocoa}, you would be correct.
Muy logical, no?

The dilemma?
There's no {usable} sugar in the house.

I mean, I obviously bought white sugar and flour years ago...

{yes, that says '06}

To be used for our annual open house when we were pastors.
Has it really been 4 years since our last one?
I think it's time to cut the apron strings.

It's out with the old!
Now I have a whole new pantry shelf to show for it!
What shall I stock it with?
Decisions. Decisions.

Don't even ask what Nator and I found in the flour!
I had no idea that {contained} flour could turn into such a
science project teaching moment.

Oh... and in case you were wondering...
We ran to the grocery store on our way to scouts for some
UNexpired sugar.  ;)

What are your pantry must-have items?

We can't seem to go long without:
Rice milk
Cheerios {Gracie's fave}
Vanilla Almond Special K {Nator's fave}
{hot} tea bags
Spagetti fixin's
to name just a few...


  1. muy logical. I love it. Spanglish :)
    Oatmeal. Brownie mix. Hot chocolate mix {this time o' year}

  2. That's some OLD sugar. I have a cupboard full of bad things like cinnamon toast crunch, white sugar, white flour and chocolate donuts(mine). Little man likes things that are frozen: waffles, cinn toast. that kinda stuff. Bad, bad, bad....I know. :(

  3. Our pantry is full of weird things like curry paste, plus all the usual suspects. My husbands swears that in another life I must have been a nice Mormon girl, He thinks I haven't been able to shake the habit of storing enough food for us to eat for a year on. Or maybe I am just part squirrel?

  4. Hi, Girl!

    I try to keep cane juice crystals in my pantry, although I did buy white sugar for my holiday baking since it's cheaper and what's the point at Christmastime anyway?

    Other pantry must-haves are Raisin Bran, Shredded Wheat, coconut oil, dry beans to name a few. Quite a few of my must-haves stay in the fridge or freezer.

  5. I love to bake so I have all the items needed for that. Plus a couple shelving units in the basement loaded with all the items I canned from our garden this summer. I'm a bit like Jennifer above... I have a super duper stocked pantry! Living in a rural area I can't just run to the grocery store if I need something.

  6. Popcorn is a must have for me. Not microwave but the actual kernels, love to make a big pot of it on the stove on a real regular basis.


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