Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Then and Now

The journey of 17 years...

"If I had it all over to do again, I would have only found you sooner so that I could love you longer." -DK

Then: Fancy dates were not our forte'.
Now: We still delight in the sentimental.  Anniversary gifts that include: a scrapbook of days gone by... of course, flowers and chocolate don't hurt either.


Then: We paid a photographer and struggled with the tripod.
Now:  We take our own pictures... and still struggle with the tripod, on occasion.

Then:  Our home was filled with the laughter of two.
Now:  There is never a dull moment.  We're a silly family.

Then:  He asked if he could hold my hand.
NowHe better.  It's a given.

Then:  We honeymooned in Cancun...
Now:  We build sand castles with two extra set of hands.

Then:  Our lives were headed in the same direction.
Now:  Hindsight is 20/20.   Little did we know just how alike we really were in the ways that matter most.

Then:  My head barely escaped it's graduation cap when wed...
Now: It feels the love of a sunhat given by my sweet mother-in-law.  I {still} couldn't ask for anyone better.

Then:  We once celebrated together in an old house over candlelit hotdogs {yes, hotdogs} with our legs wrapped around the legs of the table {because the floor wasn't level and our chairs had wheels}.
Now:  We celebrate with 2 beautiful girls being entertained... hibachi style!  {Yes, so this is where you just overlook all the 'health' stuff.} ;)

Then:  I used to ride wild rides at 6 flags.
Now:  We take turns riding the merry-go-round and train with our girls.

This life is an adventure.
I couldn't imagine sitting next to anyone else for the ride.


  1. What a beautiful post, and what beautiful pictures.

  2. beautiful :) praying that in a few more years we still see life, love and each other like this. not gone, but grown

  3. You, my friend, are fantastic at writing anniversary posts!

    And man, do your daughters look like you!!

  4. Oh I just love this post and the love you and your husband share, its beautiful~

  5. Beautiful testimony to your love for each other, family, and the Lord. Love your wedding band. I've seen similar ones at James Avery. Like the hat too. Great pictures. Thanks so sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  6. You guys have come a long way. Great pictures.

  7. How lovely! So wonderful to see a truly committed and happy couple and a family who enjoys each other's company! Love it!

  8. Thanks for this lovely journey through the "then and now" of your marriage. I'm praying right now for even more sweet memories that last a lifetime, joy in today (every day), and blessings on your future...the best is yet to be!

  9. Oh, I just LOVE that quote from DK at the beginning! So, sooooo sweet!

    And this format to celebrate and anniversary is very sweet!

    I really like all the pics...that collage of just you...is just gorgeous! You're beautiful! And you have a beautiful family...you are blessed! :)


  10. What absolutely beautiful photos, and a beautiful message!

    We just celebrated our 18th anniversary, and I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat! It's amazing how much we change to be more like each other as the years go on.

    Thanks for linking up on To Love, Honor and Vacuum!

  11. Yes, life is an adventure isn't it!?
    Tonite I had a wonderful date with my hubby.
    Eating out ordering the same entree and sharing a dessert. Then going to Barnes `N` Noble just to be together.

  12. What a beautiful tribute to your lives together! You've inspired me to do something similar (my anniversary was last week).

    Such a gorgeous family and I love the pictures. Congrats on 17 years!
    (visited from To Love, Honor and Vacuum)

  13. I am just seeing this now and I really love your wedding rings!

    Also, a beautiful, heartfelt post. Fancy dates were never our thing either!


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